Poetry Review: “Where I Ache” by Megan O’Keeffe

I’ve been following the poet Megan O’Keeffe since I started blogging, and I always look forward to reading her work. Her first poetry collection, “Cracked Open” was released in 2018, and looked at the sweet and the sour sides of love and relationships. It is a wonderful debut and is filled with emotion and passion.

In May 2019, Megan followed up “Cracked Open” with her sophomore collection, “Where I Ache”. One can really sense Megan’s progression as a talented poet voice in this work.

Divided into several categories, such as “My Weak Spine” “My Bruised Heart”, the poems range in subject matter but all involve emotion and struggle in some way.

One of my favourite stanzas, and one that I think sums this collection up perfectly, is this:

“I hope you know you are safe with me. / I am old friends with Darkness, let yours tangle with mine.”

Recommended reading, and a collection that gets even better on your second and third visit. I can’t wait to read Megan’s next collection, and I heartily recommend following her at Debatably Dateable to enjoy her wonderful words.

Twitter – @DDateable

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