Book Review: “The Comfort of Despair” by Joe Leonardi

I am a big fan of writer Joe Leonardi, author of “The Damaged and Broken” series. Joe also writes erotic and sensual fiction under the name Scono Sciuto, and I recently read and reviewed his fantastic “She is the New Savior, She is the True Savior” (another work I most heartily recommend!).

Joe returns to his Damaged and Broken series with the fourth book, “The Comfort of Despair”, which is released today (25th September, 2019) on Amazon. I have been waiting with baited breath to read this latest work, and it has certainly lived up to, and even indeed surpassed, my expectations.

While adrift in the ocean, drowning and desolate, the book’s protagonist recalls how he met, and then lost, the love of his life. As he floats in despair, he recollects his happiness, his sadness, and his regrets.

The narrative weaves beautifully between the present and the past, and the reader is drawn into the emotional story. At 55 pages (print length), it is a concise and immensely readable story, engrossing and with a lovely sense of flow.

I devoured this book in one sitting today, and was utterly charmed and touched. A lovely and heartfelt work.

You can follow Joe Leonardi at his blog, Short Story Scribe, follow him on Twitter at @ScribeShort, and purchase his books at amazon.

As Scono Sciuto;

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