Feel the Animal

Inspired by “Animal” by Berlin.

For The September Song Project.

He pulls my hair, hard, and brings my mouth to his. My scalp burns and then tingles with the pain. Practically growling with brute need, he devours my mouth, bites and chews on my lips, and crushes me to him.

I love it when he gets rough. He is always mindful of my limits and even when he allows his animal out of its cage, I still trust him completely. And so I urge him on, willingly, wantonly. I want every part of him, his sweetness and his wildness. His beauty and his beast.

I feel his other hand, the hand not gripping me roughly by the hair, slide under my dress and close tightly around my buttock with a hard squeeze. I notice the immediate stirring in his groin when he realises my butt-cheeks are bare and that I’m wearing a tiny thong. I think I hear a strangled moan rumbling in his throat, but he’s still pressed so hard against my mouth, kissing me hungrily, that I can’t be sure. Everything is blurry; there is only pure sensation when we’re together like this.

He yanks my head back brusquely and runs his tongue up my neck, from my clavicle to my jaw, then bites into my chin. I let my hand meet his as it kneads at my bottom and encourage him to get rougher by squeezing his hand and moaning, “Yes…..”

His hand ventures further between my cheeks and he growls, “Open!”

I obediently widen my legs, and he wastes no time in sliding his hand between my thighs. Urgently, he pulls my thong, now saturated with my own desire, to one side and slips his fingers inside my nether lips. My belly quivers and my cunt clenches in pleasure.

With each plunge of his fingers inside my pussy, he pulls at my hair and runs his tongue all over my neck and my jaw, occasionally biting and nipping at my earlobes and grazing his teeth against my skin.

“You want this, hmm?” he purrs, grinding his erection against me, and I immediately feel my wetness seep against his fingers. Yes, oh god yes, I want it. But I no longer have the ability to speak. I’m so breathless with arousal, dominated completely by the raw animal power of him. All that I can manage is a strange garbled noise somewhere in the back of my throat as I unzip his jeans and free his deliciously hard length.

“Hnng….Yes…. You do want it, don’t you, you naughty little slut?”

I groan and throw my head back, and he takes this as another signal to pull hard at my hair. My follicles feel like they’re on fire.

“You want me to fuck you? Hmm? You want me to fuck you with my hard cock? Say it….Say it.”

He pulls my hair harder and harder until I shriek, “Yes, fuck me with your hard cock. Now. Please!”

Feverishly, he pushes me face-first against the wall and within two or three seconds of fumbling, he’s deep inside me, thrusting hard and aggressively in and out of my desperate cunt. I submit totally, let myself go limp like a ragdoll as he takes his fill of me. I become his willing slut, his slave. His helpless prey.

The sound of our bodies slapping together, his balls hitting my wet flesh with each violent thrust, turns us both on. He fucks me harder and harder while I moan and cry out, and when his orgasm nears he grips my hair again and pulls, yanking my head back and kissing me roughly, then biting my lip so hard that he draws blood.

I love the brutishness of the action, like he’s a caveman forcefully claiming his property, and as I feel him swell and then spill inside me, my own climax washes over me and I squeeze my eyes shut. His roar of triumph as he rides the pulsing waves of his orgasm, and the wild scent of his sweat and cum make me feel like a primal offering, taken, owned, and claimed by his animal.

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22 thoughts on “Feel the Animal

  1. This was very graphic in a visceral way that really worked for me! I also love any story where someone has to use their words as they beg to get fucked.

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