SoSS #13- 21/09/2019

Welcome to the weekend, lovely people. I’ve enjoyed reading some fantastic content this week, as well as having a bit of a Netflix binge (the new series of “American Horror Story”, and “Marianne”. Both very creepy, so I count myself terribly brave for not having resorted to sleeping with the lights on! 😨)

And, speaking of creepy, (nice segueway, huh?) my new ebook “A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season” is out on October 1st, and available to preorder now. Six all new sexy horror fiction stories written especially for the spooky season.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend, whatever you’re up to. And happy reading.

Love, Jupiter x 🌺


Everything You Can Imagine is Real from submissy. An enchanting tale accompanied by a gorgeous image.

The Soundtrack to First Love from Floss. This is a poignant piece about lost love and how music is inextricably intertwined with the memories of that first broken heart.

Shadow of You from Sweetgirl. A beautiful idea and wonderfully portrayed.

Every Breath You Take from sub-Bee. A startling image and some musings on breath-play to which I definitely relate.

Post-coital Dysphoria from Optical Love Story talks about crying after sex and how it doesn’t necessarily mean that something’s gone wrong.

M by Erotic Writer. I adored this tale of a man pleasuring the enigmatic “M”, the woman he loves.

Meltwater by Kisungura. I adore Kisungura’s stories; they are always beautifully written and take the reader on unexpected journeys. ‘Meltwater’ is a perfect example.

Love Remains the Same from Steeled Snake. A fabulous metaphor on life and love.


Fuck Feelings by Her Mourning Coffee. I love the snippets of raw emotion on the Her Mourning Coffee blog, and this one especially resonated. Been there!

Ah! Love… by Mona Soorma. “…Love is a cosmic chaos / that thrills / in a million wordless ways…” Gorgeous.

When Nobody Loves Me by Frank Solanki. I keep coming back to this poem. Maybe worth a trigger warning for depression and suicidal themes, but as well as the dark there is light, and I really love that.

Goddess of Prey by Taylor Grace. Phew! This is sizzling!

Imaginary Scenes by AC Elliott. Powerfully erotic fantasy images. Delicious!

Off With Their Heads by Jay-lyn Doerksen. I love this paean to self-respect and passionately believing in your own worth.

Lavender Sachets by Nancy Botta. There’s something really evocative about this short poem.


Blossoming Wide by The Pink Seam. Beatrix B’s sensual drawing is not only very pretty, but also very erotic, and imbued with a unique and appealing vibe.

Posy Churchgate and Tabitha Rayne both gave us the classically cool “knickers and t-shirt” look on Sinful Sunday, and both looked damn sexy doing it!

A Room With a View from According to ‘EM. Luscious images.

A Selection of My Own Posts

I channelled my inner Captain Picard for Sinful Sunday, went all Fem-Dommy for Friday Flash, and was lusting after something Ripe and Ready on Masturbation Monday.

I shared my Top Ten Countdown, Pleasure and Pain, and my thoughts on the Nalone Jane Double-End Wand from Bestvibe.

And got a little pensive and poetic with some haiku: The Comfort I Need, Deep Indigo, Darkness, and Winter Nears.


8 thoughts on “SoSS #13- 21/09/2019

  1. Reblogged this on Manic Sylph Writes… Poetry & Thoughts by Mona Soorma and commented:
    Happy Weekend lovely people!

    Appreciation is always such a beautiful thing to get but at times, when it comes in unexpected ways, it is even more delightful. Today I got a mention by JupiterGrant for the SoSS post and that really touched me.
    Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart… and I hope you all will enjoy the very beautiful work on this blog.

    Happy reading!

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  2. Thanks for including me in your round up Jupiter – I love when I get it right with my images, and I sense I did here. I always feel more of a writer but thanks for sharing a post of another type. Cant wait to read/view the other links.

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