“What’s the Buzz?” Sex-Toy Review: The Nalone “Jane” Double-Ended Wand from Bestvibe

I was contacted by Fish from Bestvibe asking me to try out their products and, hey, I do love playing with new toys, so of course I was more than happy to oblige. I had a look through the range on their website, and liked sound of the Nalone “Jane” Double-Ended Wand.

Curves in All The Right Place

What I found particularly appealing about the “Jane” were the ripples and curves on the wand- end. I could just imagine how they might feel caressing my own intimate folds.

The toy arrived in lovely, simple and hygiene-sealed packaging. Upon opening, I was impressed with the soft and supple silicone material. The “Jane” feels flexible and inviting, is not too heavy, and is 100% waterproof.

USB-chargeable via a magnetic charging port on the back of the toy, the Nalone “Jane” has 2 motors and 7 vibration settings. And, being double-ended, there are double the possible ways in which to get your groove on. I was looking forward to some playtime.

Wands at the Ready

The first thing I noticed upon slipping the rippled head of the Nalone “Jane” between my legs was that the vibrations are not as strong as they are in many other wands. Even at its highest speed, I didn’t find it very powerful. That’s not necessarily a problem though; sometimes you don’t want anything too strong but prefer a more leisurely clit massage. And the folds and ripples on the “Jane” make up for the lack of heavy duty vibrations, enhancing the pleasing sensations on one’s own folds and ripples.

I especially enjoyed slipping the head of the toy just between my labia, letting it tease the opening of my vagina, and using the wand this way gave me a couple of very pleasant orgasms. Were they earth-shaking climaxes? No. But I’ve never met an orgasm I didn’t like, and these luscious, warm waves of pleasure felt wonderful.

Insider Information

Wet. Slippery. Horny.

I needed to get down and dirty asap. I’d recharged the Nalone “Jane” after the previous uses, so just like me, it was ready and rearing to go.

As you can’t run both of the toy’s motors at once, and I’d been concentrating my previous explorations using the upper part of the wand, I hadn’t yet tried the g-spot tail inside me yet. What better moment than now, in my feverish and urgently aroused state, to slip the curved tip inside and let it rumble and pulse me to climax?

The toy slid in easily and as I moved it in and out of my pussy, its vibrations also sent lovely thrumming pulsations into my clitoris. Several times I thought I was very close to orgasm without quite tipping over the edge. Good for orgasm denial, less good if you’re yearning to get off! The trouble was that I found the toy a bit more awkward to wield in this position. No sooner would I feel myself getting to the brink but I’d lose my grip, or the tail would lose contact with my g-zone, and I’d be left having to keep pushing my way towards the big explosion.

With the aid of some very hot sexting, I did get there. But I’m sad to say that I probably came in spite of the toy, or at least that the toy had little to do with the climaxes I did eventually reach.

A Leisurely G-Spot Massage

A short while later, I turned the tail motor to a very nice up-and-down vibration mode, slid it into my body, and lay back with the toy held between my closed thighs. With my eyes closed and some chilled out ambient music playing, I really enjoyed the way the Nalone “Jane” sat in my cunt and played against my g-spot. It was a beautiful and relaxing feeling. Who knows then whether it was the effect of the building sensations of the toy inside me or the second round of hot sexting, but I was finding myself very ready for another orgasm (or two or three).

Again, the toy was difficult to move too vigorously, but that’s what I need to get me there. Not only that but, although I was wet and well-moistened with nature’s lubricant, the tail end of the “Jane” didn’t move very comfortably, and at times felt like it was getting a little, erm, stuck. Now, I do know that my inner muscles get very tight when my body’s preparing to erupt into orgasm, but I don’t grip so much that objects, whether toys, fingers or penises, become immovable. So I felt that the shape of the tail-end of the toy just didn’t fit well with the shape of my inner spaces.

I was determined to persist, but when without any warning, the toy suddenly ran out of juice (whilst mine was still flowing free!), I quickly grabbed an old favourite that was within easy reach. It was with that toy, and the sexy ministrations of my delicious sexting partner that I eventually reached a series of very intense multiple orgasms that left me spent, satisfied, and sleepy.

Sadly, although the Nalone Jane Double-End Wand is a beautiful looking toy, I wasn’t blown away by it. It makes a pleasant massager, but unfortunately it didn’t pack the kind of power I enjoy from a wand, and as a penetrative toy it didn’t fit by body in the kind of way necessary for a really good g-spot vibe. Not bad, but not fantastic, either.

The Nalone Jane Double-End Wand retails at $42.99 and is available from Bestvibe.

I would like to thank Fish from Bestvibe for sending me the Nalone Jane Double-End Wand for an impartial review. Whilst I received the toy for free in exchange for review, this has not influenced my opinion in any way. I have not received any payment for this review, and do not receive any commission should you purchase this toy via the link above.

All images © Jupiter Grant

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