Ripe and Ready

You were ripe and ready, and my mouth started watering the second I laid eyes on you.

You invited me closer with your luscious and exotic curves.

I wanted you so much. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into your soft flesh.

Impatiently, I pinched and prodded lightly at your skin;

Oh, my darling, are you ready for me?

I gripped you in both hands and pulled you open, revealing your inner core. I think I may have moaned out loud as your sweet and salty flesh was revealed to me. Soft, buttery, glistening slightly with a light dew, all I could think about was you against my lips, my tongue.

When at last I claimed you, it was with an audible groan of pleasure. The taste of you, ripe and ready on my tongue, was such a heavenly delectation.

But even in that moment, those exquisite moments of pure bliss, I knew I would never be satisfied. I knew right away that I would never get enough to quell my desperate hunger for you.

I want you all the time.

I want you inside me.

I still dream about the taste of you.

You were the best avocado I’ve ever had.

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