SoSS #12- 14/09/2019

Hello there, lovely people, and welcome to SoSS #12 at Jupiter’s Lair. It’s the middle of September, and as the days gradually get shorter and the evenings darker, I’ve been enjoying some reading. And this week has been, as ever, a great week for sexy tales, gorgeous images and powerful poetry.

Enjoy your weekend, you sexy, kinky, beautiful Lair-ies.


Jupiter x 🌺


Ode to a Pretty Cunt by bluesubmission. This is so erotic; sensual writing and luscious descriptions in praise of pussy. Lovely 🌷

Spank Me Red by May More. A beautiful flushed bottom and a hot and sexy recounting of a delightful spanking. Yummy πŸ‘„

Poolside by Raven Lee. A sizzling summer night and a sexy new bikini. Delicious fun by the pool.

Boxers, Suits and Ties by The Sensual Stoner. Unfff, this scene got me really hot!

A Touch of Arrogance by Ria Restrepo. The little nugget of romance hiding in my often-cynical heart leapt when I read this short story. I know that guy! πŸ˜‰πŸ’–

Respect by PurpleSole reminds us about respecting our partners, and not succumbing to disrespectful chatter.

Dearg-due: Lady in Red by submissy. Bewitching!

The Red Thread by Kisungura. Dark and twisted, this macabre tale is like an eerie fever-dream. I love it!


Common Ground by River Dixon. Heartfelt, beautiful, and touchingly solemn.

Walk With Me by Shllyn. Such a lovely piece.

I’ve Got a Little Boat and She’s Seaworthy by J. Matthew Waters. A lovely and thoughtful poem.


Milk Bath from the wonderful Purple Sole and littlegem. Such a pretty image, beautiful colours.

Creases and Curves from Knkstriped. This is such an inviting picture.

Flour from Pain as Pleasure. I love a man who’s good in the kitchen. One that’s nude in the kitchen – even better! πŸ‘„

My Own Posts This Week

Classic for Sinful Sunday.

Behave, Bitch for Masturbation Monday.

Maid of (Dis)Honour was published on LELO’s Volonte blog.

And This is How It Starts, The Sweetest Taboo, and Start You Up for The September Song Project.

Interview with Megan O’Keeffe about Poe-rotica (available on Kindle Countdown deal until 12am GMT this Sunday morning (15th), hint hint, plug plug):
UK ( 99p

US ( $1.22

Watching You Watching Me for Wicked Wednesday.

Let It Go for Food for Thought Friday.

Fool and Pride Comes Before a Fall, about being ripped off by an intellectual property thief this week. I’d call him a cunt, but cunts are lovely 🌷 πŸ˜‰

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