Watching You Watching Me

Inspired by “Watching You” by Rogue Traders.

For The September Song Project.

Stand there.

Right where you are now.

Close the door, then don’t move.

I’m fresh from the shower.


But I still feel dirty.

Watch as I sit here, propped up on pillows, naked.

My hair is dripping wet.

And so is something else.

Watch me, my legs falling open to reveal my hidden spaces.

A finger slides, slowly, teasingly.

Then two reaching to spread myself open to your lascivious gaze.

Close your mouth, dear.

And don’t you move from that spot.

Watch me slip a finger inside.

Slow circles in a maddening spiral.

Now another finger deep inside my cleft,

In and out, in and out.

See the rich liquid glistening on my fingertips?

Yes, you want to taste, I can see it in your hungry eyes.

But stay right where you are, baby.

Enjoy the show.

The pads of my fingers, caressing damp petals.

Hear the sound of my desire.

Wet. Slippery.

Full, and luscious.

I see you, watching me watching you.

Seeing your lids grow heavy.

Watching your own desire rise.

Take it out for me, yes, that’s it.

But stay over there.

Don’t come any closer.

My legs open wider at the sight of your hard flesh


Dewy beads on your angry purple head.

Collect them with your fingertips.

And just stay where you are.

See my nipples, erect and jutting.

You want them in your mouth, don’t you?

Rosy, taut peaks pressed against your lapping tongue.

But not right now, darling.

For now, I’m performing.

Just for you.

Thrusting fingers.

Plump red clit emerging from slippery oyster-shell prepuce.

I see you watching. Your lips are quivering.

I know that you’re imagining your face between my thighs,

Inhaling my sex,

The warm, salty musk.

Tongue extending to taste sweet cream.

To be enveloped in sticky heat and soft folds.

But stay where you are.

Don’t you dare move.

Look, but don’t touch.

For now, I want to watch you watching me,

Knowing that it’s driving you insane.

Reading the flames deep in your eyes,

Seeing the twitch of your wanting flesh,

All in the knowledge that right now,

Standing there

Erect and powerless before my open cunt,

You want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything else.

I see it.

I see you watching.

And waiting.

And wanting.

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