The Sweetest Taboo

Inspired by “The Sweetest Taboo” by Sade.

For The September Song Project.

His hand stroked my face gently. His bright blue eyes smiling, he ran his forefinger over my warm, partially opened lips.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured, and lowered his mouth to mine. I hummed with pleasure as his tongue found my own and softly twined against it, his lips brushing my skin.

He drank from my mouth for long, languorous moments. I was hypnotised, his kisses intoxicating me like slow sips of absinthe. When he lifted his head and murmured against my cheek, “May I do it?” there was no question I was going to say yes.

It. The thing. The sweetest taboo. His cock in my tightest of holes, my almost entirely virgin ass.

I rolled over onto my stomach and lifted my hips, raising my bottom towards him in a silent assent. He kissed my shoulder, and I felt him get up from the bed. I heard him in the hallway, opening the linen cupboard and getting a towel. He returned to the bedroom and picked up one of the pillows. Bending over me, he proffered the towel and the pillow and whispered breathily in my ear “let’s pop these under you, darling.”

He helped me to arrange them, and then to position me comfortably.

“Okay?” he asked, his hand gently resting on my naked hip.


I heard him rummage in the drawer for lube and a condom, then felt the mattress shift as he knelt behind me. I heard the sharp click of the lube lid opening, and the wet sounds of him coating his hand with thick lashings of the slippery liquid.

His lube-slicked fingers slipping between my buttocks made me jump slightly.

“Shhh,” he hushed, gently. “It’s okay. Slow, darling. Very slow and steady…..”

I inhaled deeply as he let his fingers tease the crack between my buttocks, every once in a while allowing a digit to slip slowly and carefully towards my tense and puckering hole.

“That’s it, baby. Relax. I promise I won’t hurt you. I’d never hurt you.”

I heard him click the lube open again and drizzle more on his fingers. His hand pressed against my left buttock, he gently prised my cheeks further apart before inserting the wet fingers and slicking my anus with slow, circular movements.

My cunt tingled and pulsed. He was working at my most intimate place with such tender, teasing care, stoking me into a raging heat. I groaned as my clit throbbed in heavy, rhythmic beats to the tempo of his fingers encircling my tight pucker.

“Good girl,” he murmured, then slowly slid one finger into my hole. I moaned as he gently moved it in and out, my pussy aching and clenching in time with his movements. After a few minutes like this, he removed his finger, drizzled more lube, then returned with two fingers this time, gently stretching me as I raised my hips and invited more of his slow but insistent touch.

“Are you doing okay, angel?” he asked, scissoring his fingers carefully.

“Yes, very okay,” I assured him. “It feels so good, baby.”

I could feel the ring of tight muscle stretching and relaxing around his fingers, and rocked my hips impatiently. He gave a throaty chuckle.

“Hello, someone’s getting needy,” he laughed. “Easy, darling. Slow down.”

“I need you,” I moaned, as the thrumming pulse deep in my cunt pounded, maddeningly.

“Shhh,” he cooed. “I know. And you’ll have me. Soon.”

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply as he carried on stretching my asshole with two fingers. I got more accustomed to the sensations inside me, and he progressively scissored wider and wider. After a few more minutes, he whispered, “You ready, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Put it in me, please baby.”

I felt his fingers carefully ease out of my asshole, and heard him opening and rolling on the condom, the click of the lube lid and the wet sounds of him coating his prick. He gently pulled my cheeks apart, pressed the head of his cock against my hungry, desperate flesh, and said simply, “Breathe.”

The pressure of his cock-head sinking slowly inside me made me gasp. He stroked my bottom lovingly, and murmured reassuringly, telling me that he would go as slow as I needed, encouraging me to breathe and to let my body acclimatise to the sensations. I felt the most delicious fullness as he pressed slowly but firmly past the first ring of muscle, wet and well-prepared but still unused to the girthy feel of a cock. I felt my clit twitch as he sank his prick deeper and groaned, “Oh, God, you feel so good, baby.”

I savoured the sensation of him slowly seating himself inside my tight ass, the warm softness of his skin pressed against my bottom while his hardness filled me. The heavy feeling of his prick in my asshole made my cunt throb; I could swear I could feel his cock-head against my pussy walls. I moaned.

“Yes. Yes, baby, do it. Fuck me.”

With a low groan and a slow intake of breath, he pulled his hips back slightly. He didn’t let himself leave the hot cavern of my body, but instead rocked gently back and forth. The stretch was divine. It burned in the most delicious way, a pain that was quickly proceded by exquisite pleasure.

“Oh, fuck,” he breathed, gradually upping the tempo of his languorous thrusts, though still holding back from fucking me too hard just yet. “Baby, you feel incredible like this.”

I heard a buzzing sound from behind me all of a sudden, and realised that in addition to the lube and the condom he must have grabbed the small pink wand vibrator from the dresser drawer. The throaty moan that immediately erupted from me as soon as I heard the familiar noise of my favourite toy made him chuckle.

“Yes, darling. Lift your hips for me a little.”

I obeyed willingly, desperate to cum with him grinding into my ass, and he positioned the head of the wand against my pussy. We groaned in perfect unison.

“Ohhhhhh,” he panted. “I can feel the vibrations moving right through you …. and into…… your beautiful,…tight bottom…..”

His thrusts started to increase as he quested for more of the welcome vibrations. He ran the toy over my dripping folds as my clit pulsed and twitched. The stimulation on my taut little nub made me clench all the muscles in my cunt and my ass, and he moaned appreciatively as I tightened around him.

“Oh, yes, baby. God, I need you. I need to fuck you.”

I squeezed my eyes closed, lost in the blissful sensation of the buzz against my clit and the fullness of him moving his cock more vigorously.

“Yes, do it. Fuck me now, honey. Fuck my ass.”

He gave a grunt and started to thrust harder. I took the vibrator from his hand and used it on myself, enabling him to grip my hips and bottom in both his hands. With the head of the wand held firm against my throbbing clit, I bucked my hips, as his prick slid in and out of my slippery and well lubricated bottom.

I was lost in his moans of pleasure, the sound of his grunts and groans and the breathless litany of dirty words that spilled from his lips as he claimed my asshole as his, again and again. With each plunge of his cock, I gasped and moaned, a blend of occasional discomfort met with the most heavenly ecstasy. It felt so good, so taboo and dirty, to have him fucking my bottom and making such wild animal noises as his climax built to a hot crescendo. The delicious naughtiness made my pussy clench, and I rubbed the wand up and down my clit, finding that special spot just to the left of my pearl and concentrating all the luscious vibrations there.

The ferocity of my orgasm almost took me by surprise. I howled with pleasure as my cunt pulsed and pounded, my cervix tightening with each beautiful contraction. Behind me, I heard him shout.

“Fuck! Oh God, I can feel you cumming, baby! Fuck, yes! Yes!”

The sound and sensation of his balls slapping against me, occasionally hitting my wet pussy, drove me wild. I didn’t care that it would hurt later. I just wanted him to plough into me hard and fast.

“Ohh, ohhhhh, ohhhh fuck,” he grunted. “Oh, baby. I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum….”

With a hard thrust that made my ass sting, he shouted, “Fuck, I’m cumming. Oh baby, I’m cumming!! Yes… Oh, yes…Oh God! Oh FUCK!!”

I wished I could have seen his face when his orgasm hit and his cum began to spurt from his beautiful prick and into the condom. He sounded like he was almost in pain, and I imagined his eyes squeezed shut, his brow furrowed and his mouth gaping open as his cock pulsed and his balls emptied. I pressed the wand to my clit again, bringing myself to another orgasm, and as my muscles clenched and contracted, he held my bottom hard against his groin and roared like a beast.

He ran his hands lovingly over my buttocks as his climax subsided, and in a panting whisper, he sighed, “Oh God, baby. That was incredible. Thank you.”

I could feel him trying hard not to just collapse on top of me, but knew that his strength was flagging. I lowered my hips slightly, letting him carefully pull his spent prick free, and I breathed deeply through the discomfort. He kissed my shoulder gently, and murmured, “Good girl, nice and easy”, before disappearing to the bathroom for a moment.

He returned moment later, having divested himself of the condom and soaking a washcloth in some warm water. He tended to me with loving care, cleaning and soothing my tender bottom, before laying beside me and pulling me into his arms. Pressing his lips to my forehead, he murmured, “I love you, darling. Sometimes I think you’re just too good for me.”

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