Pride Comes Before a Fall

Last week I proudly crowed about the apparent success of my sojourn into freelancing. Well, as they say in the classics, “pride comes before a fall”.

It would appear that my “employer” duped me, and has done a runner with my work having had his payment rejected. Nearly £1000 of work – and nothing to show for it but wasted time, a badly bruised ego and a lesson in hubris.

There’s an eerie calm that accompanies the realisation that there is no point in continuing my efforts anymore. A relaxing of the knot of self-doubt. Or perhaps it is more like a tightening of the knot, so tight that all sensations have been cut off. I know now that I can’t succeed.

I’ll keep chasing but the agency are completely useless and seem entirely relaxed about the fact that they are aiding and abetting intellectual property theft. Fortunately for me, though, I have documentary evidence and I know at least one of the companies that the work was for, so believe me, they and their parent company have received an email warning them not to accept any articles from this person or on the subject matter of my copy. They also have the article and screenshots for evidence.

So, a cruel lesson for me. It was my own fault for being so gullible and trusting someone who turned out to be a conman. And yes, I’m dejected, disillusioned, and hurt.

I’m also so very angry. And you know the saying that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” Well, consider me fucking scorned. He messed with the wrong woman! 👿👹

I almost feel sorry for him. Almost…..

Silly, silly boy.

18 thoughts on “Pride Comes Before a Fall

  1. That’s a very painful setback, so sorry you have to deal with a sleaze like that just as you are working to get a foot in the freelancing door. Having been in similar situations, I’ve learned not to indulge in jubilation until the money is in the account account, until the baby is out, until the degree is awarded, and so on. The universe has a cruel streak.

    Your writing is marvelous though, so, sooner or later, with enough hassle, you are very likely to be where you intend to, and this hitch will be nothing more than an inspirational story to share over a few cocktails.

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for this MM. I really appreciate your kind words of support and encouragement. You are very right- there’s a good reason we’re always advised not to count our chickens before they hatch! Thank you for your kindness 💐

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  2. Grr, Grr. Grr. What a fucking dickhead! I am really sorry to hear that that happened to you! I hope you will get justice. I wouldn’t hesitate naming him to those who can make a difference or who might be at risk of being conned by him too! Fucker! Grrr.

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    1. I know. Such an arsehole. I’ve reported him to one agency, and I’ve been in contact with one of the companies that hired him and they’ve reported him, too. I’m hoping that the two freelancing agencies will take action, but frankly the one I’ve been dealing with have been completely useless. 😥

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