SoSS #11- 07/09/2019

The weekend is here at last, and not a moment too soon. Though I hadn’t had much time to read this week, I did have the opportunity to do some catching up last night, and found lots of fabulous content that put me in a good (and a sexy!) mood.

Enjoy reading, and enjoy your weekend.

Love, Jupiter 🌺 πŸ’‹


Total Control – Late Meeting Part 3 by Asrai Devlin. Emma Sharpe gets a spanking from her sexy boss, Joel, in Asrai’s continuing D/s series. Mouth-watering! πŸ‘„

Private Audience by Annabel Lee. A super-sexy BDSM and voyeurism scene that got me all hot and bothered!

I Am Hungry by Terry Brewer. This brilliant short story has a dark and dirty vibe in all the very best ways. And that ending! 😈


Love the Skin I Am In by Kisungura. Beautiful and delightfully sensual.

You Know THAT Feeling? by Steeled Snake. Such evocative writing. This took me back in time in the most delightful ways.

Just a Spanking, Sir from Cara Thereon. Cara talks about the joys of spanking and how a spanking that isn’t followed by sex is still such an intimate scenario.


Human Error by Melody Chen. I love the sensual vibe of the forbidden in this

Are You As Crazy For Me As I Am For You? Megan O’Keeffe and a question I think we’ve all wanted to ask someone at least once in our lives.

Animal by TJ The Lustful Empress. Wild πŸ‘„


Need the Crack of a Whip from Floss. Some very impressive marks and a cracking (see what I did there? πŸ˜‰) tune to accompany them.

Istanbul – Fountains from Flavia Vinci. I love Flavia’s photos- they’re like travelling to beautiful and exotic places without leaving my front room!

Center of Light from Contessa Mercedes. You know that line about the sun shining out of someone’s ass? πŸ˜‰

Lotus In The Rain from Mobius Faith. Isn’t this just such a pretty and serene image?!

A Selection of My Own Posts

I’ve been a total lightweight when it’s come to blogging this week, but two of my posts, “Do The Hustle!” and The News from Jupiter explain why!

I finally got around to posting something for The September Song Project (a fantastic meme created by Mrs Fever) using a favourite song of mine, Good Mistake by Mr Little Jeans, as inspiration.

I’m pleased to say that I have a new erotic fiction Maid of (Dis)Honour going live on LELO’s Volonte blog on Sunday (not sure what time).

And from this Sunday (8th) to next Sunday (15th), “Poe-rotica” will be available on a Kindle Countdown deal at amazon UK ( and amazon US ( for 99p/99c.

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