Good Mistake

Inspired by “Good Mistake” by Mr Little Jeans.

For Mrs Fever’s brainchild The September Song Project)

I regretted him to begin with. I thought I’d made a big mistake. Maybe I did, but it turns out to have been the best I’ve ever made. And I’ve made a few (but that’s a whole other song!)

When I told him “yes” that very first time, I was wracked with guilt and sick with nerves.

Unsure of me.

Unsure of him.

Unsure of us.

To all intents and purposes, we’re a secret. I suspect we always will be. Though certainly not from his wife, definitely from his family, his kids.

But that’s okay. We know what we are to each other. The fact that practically nobody else does really isn’t important.


Under the sun

It’s not what they can see

Until it’s done

Your secret’s safe with me.

I can see you run

I can see you’re undone

Shadow to the sun

Shadow to the sun.

See a rule to break

See another rule to make

It’s a good mistake

Shadow next to none.

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