SoSS #10- 30/08/2019

I have been behind in my reading recently due to illness (boo!) and then an exciting long-awaited reunion (yay!), so it’s a bit of a bumper catch-up SoSS this week, featuring some posts that have been around for a couple of weeks, but that I have only just had the pleasure of discovering. Plus, there’s a lot of pieces from the plethora of brilliant meme submissions of this past week.



A Forest by Deviant Succubus is like The Brothers Grimm on a blend of rock oysters, horny goat weed, and viagra! Our protagonist is walking home through the forest when she gets an intriguing and kinky invitation. Very hot!

Unleashing My Inner Mistress by Violet Grey. Absolutely divine sexual domination. This appealed to all my hottest, and wettest, Fem-dommy fantasies! πŸ‘„ πŸ”₯

Rotten to the Core by Kisungura. Perfect dark erotica, exquisitely crafted.

Alicia Learns About Pain by Lascivious Lucy. Another piece of dark and sexy fiction, with a wonderfully gothic flavour.

Cored by Master’s Musings. The pain of loss is so tenderly captured in this story. It took my breath away.

We Celebrate Your Birthday by Short Story Scribe. This snippet from the erotic collection “Embrace the Wild Fantasies” is very erotic indeed. What a birthday gift, for both parties!


Ritual or Routine by Kilted Wookie. I’m assuming this is non-fiction, as it is so realistic and truly beautiful as well as fantastically hot. I could feel every sublime moment. πŸ‘„πŸ’–

Room Cleaning by Francesca Demont. This is such an entertaining tale; part erotica, part comedy of errors, and entirely fabulous.

Why Does Floss Have a Blog? by Floss. A very enjoyable read and excellent discussion about blogging and the charge of self-indulgence and narcissism that can come up from some critics.

The Waft of Jelly Babies by melodyinsights. This is a fascinating account of sensory deprivation. Reading melody’s words, I found myself contemplating how I would feel about sensory deprivation, and I think I might enjoy it. How about you?


Succulent Honey by AC Elliott. This poem is so erotic!

Your Love by Deep Violette. Such lovely sentiments expressed in this poem.

Autumn’s Gloaming by Jay-lyn Doerksen. Sometimes love leaves us bereft; Jay-lyn captures the emotions that accompany the loss of love in this wonderfully pensive piece. Do also check out Jay-lyn’s poem Tranquil Fluidity: I love its alliteration and onomatopoeia.

And, The Core by Swirling Fire.

How sharp the steel

That pierces the heart

Trust and compassion

Loyalty a twisted dart

You have to read this. You just have to read it. Again and again. Bask in the visceral emotions, the exquisite phrasing, the sheer perfection of this piece. I have been immersed in Swirly’s heartfelt poem, reading it over and over again, savouring it. There are simply not enough superlatives to express how much I love this. I think it may actually be perfect. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“


Linen Shirt from Life of Elliott. I like how the dark shades of the image draw the eye in closer.

Reflections from Krystal Minx. I love Krystal’s happy smile. It adds to the feeling of perfect satisfaction in this picture, and it sings of those wonderful afternoons spent in passion.

Minnie the Minx from Focused and Filthy. These pictures of the lovely @19syllables are so much fun. Sexy and cute.

Modest Machinery from Modesty Ablaze. Such fun images, cheeky as well as sensual. K’s nudes are always unapologetic and open, and I love how she exudes sexy confidence in her images. In these pics, taken with a large digger (oo-err πŸ˜‰), the colours are beautiful, and K looks fantastic as always.

Off-Road from bluesubmission. Wow. This picture is stunning; amazing suspension work in a beautiful setting!

Notting Hill Carnival happened last weekend, and Max Gor has taken some brilliant images. The Carnival is a colourful, vibrant, festive and fun event in London, and we had fantastic weather for it this year (which is not often the case!)

A Selection of My Own Posts

This was a very jam-packed week for me blog-wise.

I completed my three-part lesbian experience story for Masturbation Monday with Penetrate. In keeping with my plan for world domination, I was also present two more times on Masturbation Monday, in my review of the Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator for May More, and by hosting a guest post to showcase a fun and naughty take on Alice in Wonderland by the talented @kinkysextales.

I Gift-Wrapped myself for my too-long absent beau, watched him sleep; then invited him/you to Cum and Play with Me on Wicked Wednesday.

Poe-rotica was reviewed by the wonderful poet Megan O’Keeffe.

I spoke about writing and why I love blogging.

I reviewed the Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator.

And I posted a little teaser from something I’m working on at the moment in A Taste of Things to Come.

Phew! And that’s not even all of it!!

I wish you all a happy weekend, my lovelies, and a wonderful start to your September.

Love, Jupiter x 🌺

9 thoughts on “SoSS #10- 30/08/2019

  1. sorry about illness/yes yea for reunion/thanks for the mention/I love carnival and enjoyed looking at Max’s street photography/this is an excellent ssos/has anyone said you are naughty lately/waiting to read that story

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  2. Thanks for taking all the time to go through our posts, commenting, liking, and then sharing them with a few witty words. So much appreciated!!

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