You Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow….

I’m not usually one for tooting my own trumpet, but August has been such a productive month, even in spite of a protracted flu virus, that, baby, watch me put my lips together and blow!



  • I published Poe-rotica on amazon at the start of the month. Sales and reads have been slow so far, but I’ve received a couple of positive reviews and it’s early days yet. It’s been a really useful exercise in dipping my toe into independent-publishing, and I’m pleased and proud that I’ve done it. It was quite the buzz when my author copies arrived, I can tell you. They are still sitting in pride of place at my writing desk (dining table), and I haven’t gotten tired of flipping through a copy and thinking, “I did this!”
  • Sex-toy reviews– I was approached by two companies this month asking me to review their products. My very first experience of writing a sex-toy review, my guest review for May More was published on her blog this week, and has received some lovely feedback. I will be posting another toy review, for the Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator, tomorrow.
  • Kayla Lords invited me to do the week 258 Masturbation Monday Round-Up. Yay! My favorite meme and the one I submit material to every week since I started blogging.
  • Fantastic response to my lesbian experience trilogy on Masturbation Monday
  • Record numbers of visits to the site, and more new followers.
  • A three-fold increase in my twitter following
  • Two more nods from fellow bloggers via nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award.
  • One short story accepted and due for publication soon, having received really positive feedback (date tbc, I’ll keep you posted)
  • One smutty short story that I particularly enjoyed writing and am very pleased with submitted to an publisher for consideration. Fingers crossed!
  • One pitch accepted, and the article completed and with publisher. I’m proud of the finished product, and fingers crossed that the editor will find it a good fit.
  • Finished writing and editing four out of six smutty short stories for my upcoming collection of all new material (releasing in October)
  • Another chapter of the big WIP, my novel/la, drafted. (Okay, so it’s only chapter two, but it’s still more than I had at the end of last month πŸ˜‰ )

All in all, then, August has been a terrific month for me. A big thank you to every one who helped make it so.

Love, Jupiter x

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