Poe-rotica Review from Megan O’Keeffe

A big thank you to the very talented poet, Megan O’Keeffe (author of collections “Cracked Open”, “Where I Ache”, available now) for reviewing my own publication “Poe-rotica: 101 Saucy and Erotic Poems” on her blog, Debatably Dateable. And stay tuned for my upcoming interview there, too.

If you’re not already following Megan, I recommend you do so. There is such beauty and aching truth in her work, and I look forward to sharing my review of her poetry collections with you shortly.

Thank you again, Megan 💖 💋

Click the image to visit Megan’s site and read her review of Poe-rotica, and Breanne Weber’s “Real Like Laundry”

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