While You Sleep

I watch you while you sleep,

Do you feel my eyes upon you?

Your lips slightly parted as you breathe softly, gently.

Your lashes resting against your skin,

while your eyelids twitch-

what is it you see in your dream landscape?

I kiss your naked shoulder while you sleep.

Do you feel my lips upon you?

Your skin is warm, and still damp with sweat.

Smooth and supple beneath my restless fingers.

I want to wake you with a kiss,

You, my Sleeping Beauty while I play Handsome Prince.

I miss you while you sleep.

Think of shaking you back to life, to touch, to talk, to taste again.

And again.

And again, for as long as the hourglass will allow.

But instead I watch you rest, and am consumed with love.

Photo: Carlos Cuidad. Click image to visit original source website.

14 thoughts on “While You Sleep

  1. I am lying here awake because my beautiful Queen couldnโ€™t sleep and woke me by caressing me. Angus was in his cage, but we had a lot of fun. I hadnโ€™t realized I could feel that much pleasure while caged.

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