SoSS #9- 24/08/2019

Welcome to my SoSS post #9.

It’s Bank Holiday weekend for those of us in the UK, which means a three-day weekend, and the weather is to be uncustomarily lovely. Wherever you are in the world and whatever you’re up to this weekend, have fun. Happy reading 💋


Group Shot by The Other Livvy. A previous Smut Marathon entry on the prompt of wedding dress. I really enjoyed the concept of this piece.

Beach Bunny by Posy Churchgate. Inspired by a gorgeous image from Nikki, this is a continuation of the D/s adventures of Rabbit and her Master. Sizzling and sexy, and the stuff of hot summer fantasies.


I Know What You Did This Summer by Francesca Demont. The taunting. The teasing. The pure visceral power. I don’t have a penis, but if I did it would have been rock hard from reading this. Divine, smutty perfection. 😌

NPE- Sinema #1- Getting a Leg Up in Porn from No Pants Endurance. A 2006 short film in the style of the old PSA films of the 70’s. So well done, and hilariously funny. Thanks for the giggles, NPE! 👍

Bluesubmission’s threesome experience in Good Things Come in Threes set my heart racing and my fantasies aflame!


Seduction by SirHanz. A wonderfully hot poem that builds the tension and desire.

I Don’t Tell You Enough by Shllyn. A sentiment I think many of us can relate to.

The Divorce by Nancy Botta. Poignant and exquisite.

Dominantly. Another fantasticly erotic poem by Taylor Grace.

The Mindless Frog by Paul Vincent Cannon. A dark allegory in a lovely poetic form.


Show Me How You Love Me. Violet Fawkes’ lovely loverboy has formed the basis for a few tasty images recently, and this shot is particularly marvellous.

Adonis, Never Done This No Pants Endurance went above and beyond in this Sinful Sunday photo-shoot, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the results are fantastic.

Bliss from Deviant Succubus. I love this image of Deevie with her Master, Master’s Musings. Bliss is the perfect word for the beautiful expression on her face 💖

Grainy by Ouizzi. I love the dirty/sexy vibe of this picture. It’s so hot.

A Selection of My Own Posts This Week

For Masturbation Monday, I continued last week’s same-sex encounter story (“Reflection“) with a part two, “Lick“, using the word prompt for #sexysmutSunday. I was absolutely thrilled when Deviant Succubus chose it as one of her Top 3 posts in this week’s Masturbation Monday Round-Up

I flashed some Sunday morning boob and wrote a rhyme about missing someone in Early Hours on a Sinful Sunday.

My masturbation scene, Vivid, was included in this month’s elust digest.

And, I reviewed the fabulous “Petting Hippo from Satisfyer” in a guest post for the lovely May More at Sex Matters.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a song that is close to my heart this weekend 😉🤗 It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)– Eurythmics 💖

Love, Jupiter x 🌺

28 thoughts on “SoSS #9- 24/08/2019

  1. Fabulous collection of entertaining posts to read / view, thanks for curating the collection which I shall indeed enjoy over the long weekend. I am so grateful you gave my ‘Rabbit’ series a shout out – it means a lot that you enjoyed it. xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I started it once I understood about the bratty sub mindset (which Rabbit has) I thought it would be a good vehicle with which to explore.

        Liked by 1 person

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