This is a continuation of “Reflection, (which you can read here) but can also be read as stand-alone.

That first night with her was a revelation, an education in sexual pleasure. After our languorous mutual masturbation we had lain there kissing slowly. Her mouth tasted sweet. It was unlike the kisses of a man; neither better nor worse, just different, and exciting in its newness. Her lips were softer, her tongue gentle as it probed my mouth, grazed over my teeth and lips, and moved sinuously against my own.

As she explored my mouth, I cupped her beautiful ass in my hands and pulled at her bikini bottoms. She was so wet that I could practically hear the sound of the material pulling away from the creamy slick at her crotch as I slid the lycra down. She moaned into my mouth, and brought one of her hands to my breast. Kneading and pulling at my nipples with one hand, she used the other to help slide her bikini all the way down, then lowered her head to my breasts.

She kissed and licked my flesh, and I was transfixed by the reflected image of our bodies playing out on the ceiling above. When her humid mouth closed on my nipple, it was like a taser-jolt of electricity to my pussy. My clit pulsed and twitched, and I could feel the liquid evidence of my desire overflowing from between my throbbing labia. Her tongue laved over my puckering buds, flicking the erect nipples and sucking them into hard, pink peaks.

When her licks and kisses began to travel further down, over my solar plexus, dipping into my navel, and tracing the waistband of my bikini, I moaned and feathered my fingers through her long hair. She looked up at me with a lusciously wicked look in her eyes as she pulled my final covering down my legs, then caressed my thighs and held them open adoringly.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied, wantonly. “Please lick me.”

She let her tongue emerge from between her lips and wiggled it at me playfully before dipping her head between my legs and lapping at my damp, desperate cunt.

It was sublime, pure heavenly bliss. She knew just how to lick me, where to go firm, and where to flick lightly. Her tongue moved up each of my pussy lips, occasionally plunging her tongue between them and tasting the fluid that was now spilling from me in hot, musky rivulets. She teased the firm bud of my clitoris, and sucked the surrounding petals hungrily. I caressed her head and held her to me, and when she increased the pace of her tongue on my clit, I howled and thrust my cunt against her mouth.

I watched us in the mirror’s reflection. The sight of myself writhing beneath this sensual goddess, helpless under her skillful mouth and pushing my yearning pussy into her face was the hottest, most erotic and dirty thing to me and it drove me closer to the edge.

“Yes, yes……” I whined, and with her tongue licking insistently at my clit, I came. It was like a firework going off deep in my cervix, a thousand lightning bolts striking inside my brain. The pleasure was so intense that I arched my whole body up and cried as I climaxed.

She held her tongue still as I reached my final spasms, her mouth lightly pressed against my sodden flesh, tasting the tangy ambrosia of my orgasm. She slid up my body, her skin warm and sweaty against my own, and kissed me. I savoured the blend of her sweet kiss and the flavour of my cunt, and lay back in languid delight as she made love to my open mouth.

When my breathing evened and I regained the use of my muscles, I edged her onto her back, and lowered myself over her supine form. With a smile and a soft press of my lips against her clavicle, I murmured, “My turn now…”

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28 thoughts on “Lick

  1. As Hot as you always are! you lead us all to desire. Thank you for that.

    I thought your line “The sight of myself writhing beneath this sensual goddess, helpless under her skillful mouth and pushing my yearning pussy into her face was the hottest, most erotic and dirty thing to me” gave this story a special point of climax. Perfect.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is exactly how I hope, imagine, having a same-sex encounter would be. I love your wordcraft, this was skillful and very erotic.

    Liked by 2 people

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