SoSS #8- 17/08/2019

It’s been a strange, twi-lit week in my little lair. A nasty flu virus has been torturing me (not in a fun way), and I’ve alternated between feverish mania and being huddled, shivering, under the duvet. When I’ve been awake, and able to open my eyes, I’ve been reading, and I thank every blogger who’s been keeping me company this week while I recuperate. Here are a selection of those that really stood out…


Secret Keeper by Floss. This is so real and visceral, and I couldn’t quite decide whether it should be in fiction or non! The words and descriptions are luscious, the desire and lust is passionate and palpable. I love this!

Roll the Dice! by Marie Rebelle. I love the fun and the sexy anticipation in this Wicked Wednesday offering on the theme of luck.

Sin and Sugar by Lascivious Lucy. An exquisitely crafted threesome scene, with absinthe and sugar cubes and sweet, hot eroticism. Bliss! πŸ‘„ πŸ”₯

Part One of Journey by Moonlight by May More was published in Bellesa this week, and if you like the idea of a sexy and mysterious voice on the end of the phone getting you all hot and horny, this is for you. I can’t wait to see where this story leads.


Audrey’s Lessons by Kisungura. I’m nearly two weeks behind in discovering this gem, but I’m so glad I did. Kisungura recounts the story of how she fell in love with “Audrey” on holiday, and the ways in which Audrey helped her to think about her own life and find inspiration. Beautiful and insightful.

The fantastic Posy Churchgate had an article published in The Big Fling, all about nipple play and Nipple Orgasms. Some great suggestions for incorporating nipple play into your sexy times and if like me you’re, ahem, a sucker for nipple stimulation (see what I did there?) Posy’s piece evokes some very erotic feels.

I’m enjoying Francesca Demont’s series on latex, and in Latex for the Curious Part Three, she talks about how to wear a latex dress. And from one look at her pictures, you know that if anyone knows how to absolutely rock latex, it’s Francesca!


A Dream by Taylor Grace. Luscious and sublimely sensual poetry from a very talented poet.

Kept in Mind by Victoria Blysse. Beautiful words evoking images of heat and lust and want. Really enjoyed this.

Chana Saag, Hot by Bartholomew Barker. If you’ve ever eaten a spicy curry or a fiery chilli, you’ll appreciate this. Lovely ending, too.


Escape by PMu. I love this little doodle. I like to imagine I’m the kite, breaking free. Wouldn’t it be lovely?

In The Company of Women by Molly Moore. There’s really nothing I can say to adequately summarise these beautiful images. This gave me all the happy feels! πŸ€—πŸ’œ

Gaining Perspective by Nikki. Great photo, and the sentiment – so true!!

Shell by Missy at Focused and Filthy. I’m a sucker for a strategically-placed shell, and this is a terrific picture.

Some of my own publications this week

My Masturbation Monday submission this week was Reflection, a F/F masturbation scene, and I was chuffed to do the Masturbation Monday Round-Up this week.

For Wicked Wednesday, on the topic of “Luck”, I channelled my inner phallus and wrote Luck, Be a Lady Tonight, a short and smutty flash told from the male perspective.

And, for no other reason really than that I was feeling flu-ey and miserable and have been missing the old poly-pal* while he’s working across the pond, I wrote While You’re Away, about missing someone and wondering if, and hoping that, (but also anxiously doubting whether) they’re missing you as much as you are them. (Update – I’m assured he is πŸ€—)

Have a sexy weekend, my sweets, and happy reading.


Jupiter x 🌺

*In case you’re reading this, sorry about the “old”, hun, lol! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜

18 thoughts on “SoSS #8- 17/08/2019

  1. thank you Jupiter – u are a star doing this when u haven’t been well – glad u like my Bellesa story – the next part hots everything up so I will let u know when it is published x

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  2. I loved that you enjoyed my nipplegasm piece. Thanks so much for promoting it. I have bookmarked this so I can browse all your recommends. Hope you feel better & respect to you for compiling this while feeling so crummy.

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  3. Great selection! There are a few pieces I haven’t read yet and that I definitely want to check out! Also, the flu is a pretty decent sadist, great way of looking at it, haha.

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