Her skin felt warm against my arm, her body-heat rising as the two of us lay there on our backs, looking up at the mirrored ceiling, naked except for our bikini bottoms. A soft ocean breeze ruffled the thin white drapes, and a seagull cried outside.

She was pretty, with alabaster skin and pert breasts. Her hand rested upon my thigh, soft and undemanding. There had been nothing else yet, no kiss, no caress, no other expression of our ardour. Yet already I could smell the aroma of our combined arousal permeating the air.

I had not expected to find myself here, now, beside this bewitching vixen. Had not imagined that a chance conversation with this fellow beach-goer would lead to her returning with me to my room, knowing but never speaking out loud of the physical attraction that was pulling us like magnets.

I felt her hand slide down to cup my mound, tentatively. I responded by reaching my hand over to the same spot between her own legs. Mirroring each other, we slowly massaged and rubbed, then she slid her hand inside my bikini bottoms and stroked my wet slit with expert fingers. I copied her actions, feeling the hot slick of her cunt beneath the white lycra.

We lay, watching each other in the mirror’s reflection, attuned to the sounds of each other’s wetness, each hitched breath and soft moan. In unison, we reached our free hands up to our breasts, and copied each caress, pinch, flick. The sensation of my nipples distending as I rolled and pinched them firmly between thumb and forefinger sent electric sparks down to my clit, already plump and needy from her touch.

She opened her legs wider, allowing my hand to dip lower, and for my finger to penetrate the damp lips of her cunt. I, too, let my thighs drop open, and felt her middle digit slip inside my pulsating pussy, my vulva throbbing a heavy beat as my whole engorged sex dripped with desire. With synchronous movements we fingered each other, wriggling our hips, grinding wet cunts against sticky fingers, kneading breasts and pinching at nipples, all the while staring at each other’s reflection in the ceiling mirror.

The sensation of her palm rubbing against my clit tipped me over the edge, and I moved my hand insistently inside her bikini, desperate for the two of us to climax together. I heard her moan thickly, and then felt her pussy clenching and contracting around my thrusting finger, the rich wet fluid of her cunt oozing into my hand. Meanwhile, my hips bucked and writhed as she used the heel of her hand to pull my labia back, exposing my screaming clit to the full touch of her palm while her finger fucked my hole. I came with a squeal, my nipples tingling and puckering. All I could think of was how much I wanted her mouth on my tits right now, how good her slippery pussy felt in the cup of my hand.

The smell of our damp musk was strong, a warm tang that overpowered the scent of the sea breeze. We descended from the heaven of orgasm, hands still resting gently on each other’s pussy. I wondered if she would stay longer, to let me slip those bikini bottoms down her legs, pull open her thighs, and bury my tongue in the bubbling wet cavern of her sex. I wondered if she would let me bend her over and lick the little bud of her tight asshole.

She turned her head towards me now, our reflected gaze now broken, and smiled. Immediately, I knew that the answer to all my questions was yes. With a wink, I removed my hand from between her legs, taking a moment to suck her liquid from my digits, and kissed her warm open mouth. This was going to be one hot summer vacation.

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50 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Wow, I loved the unassuming nature of their actions… made it incredibly exciting! Whew! Definitely feel their connection all the way over here!

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  2. This was so teasingly sexy, the mirroring and the languid way they approached their mutual masturbation was delicious. You’ve written this so beautifully, it really fitted the picture you chose too.

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