SoSS #7- 10/08/2019

Hi there lovely people. It’s SoSS-age time again!! πŸ‘„ I have some more great stuff to share with you this week. I hope you find something new and exciting to enjoy in this week’s Round-Up.

Let the weekend begin……


Tapping Roots by Emmaleela. A woman experiences an erotic encounter in (and with!) nature. Such a wonderful premise, and masterfully realised through Emmaleela’s beautiful prose. Highly recommended! πŸ’–

A Really Bad Day by Erotic Writer. I absolutely LOVED this! Erotic Writer’s characterisation is fantastic, and I quickly fell in love with Jess and Chris. The slow build is sensual and engrossing, and not once did I find myself speeding ahead in my reading. Instead I savoured being immersed in this romantic, sensual and highly erotic world. I will definitely be revisiting this story again and again. Check out this and other superb erotic fictions at Erotic Writer’s blog.


A Brand New Vista by Happy Come Lucky. A fabulous photo, and a great description of the endorphin rush that comes from trying something brand new.

Chains by Kisungura. As with Happy Come Lucky’s post above, this fits the image category but is accompanied by such thoughtful words that it goes inside of, and beyond the image alone.

Note to Self by Ripe Scrumptious Peach. Important affirmations, and a lovely assertion of self-love and self-respect.

Ethics in BDSM by Sir Hanz. A very cogent and salient discussion about the myths versus the reality of BDSM.

What’s Your Taboo? from melodyinsights. A thoughtful Food for Thought Friday post about asexuality and sex as taboo. Ace gets rather neglected in the world of sex-blogging, but it is another important aspect of human sexuality, and I really enjoyed reading melody’s discussion.


A Foreign Letter by Kacperniburski. There’s such a beautiful solemnity and loneliness in this piece.

Imaginary by JPE’s Thoughts. Such touching words. Lovely 🌷

Venom by Sir Hanz. Really strong piece about the power of words and how they can poison.

This Time by Sensuallystar. I found this deeply erotic πŸ‘„


It’s been a big week for images, and I found so many to love. Here’s just a sample of my favourites.

low by The Lexy Experiment. Such a gorgeous Sinful Sunday image.

Naked Running by Kilted Wookie. Educational as well as enticing. What a gorgeous image πŸ’–

Burlesque Booty Call by Tabitha Rayne. This picture really sparks my sexy feels!! The wonderful red nipple tassels against Tabitha’s peaches-and-cream skin, the very attractively sculpted arm holding her up, and the fingers creeping into shot just visible against black knickers– this shot’s got it all! πŸ‘„

Masturbate Your Emptiness. How beautiful is Deviant Succubus in this shot?! What a stunner.

A Light From Above from bluesubmission. This photo is glorious, a stunningly beautiful image of nature and freedom. I love it!

Coming Out of Her Shell by PurplesGem. I love this image. The seaside is my favourite place to be and in this photo, littlegem strikes a pose that is not only beautiful, but makes me imagine how liberating it must have felt to model. A fantastic piece of summer.

Crossed by Holden and Camille. Always fantastic images from H&C, and I love how classy and sexy these are.

A Selection of My Own Posts This Week

For Sinful Sunday, I turned into some kind of strange radioactive Amazonian with no nipples in What I’ve Been Keeping on the Down-Low

For Masturbation Monday, I wrote about a woman employing her loving ministrations to lower her man’s stress levels in Talk While I’ve Got My Mouth Full

For Lingerie is for Everyone, I put comfort above glamour when I was Hanging Out in My Comfy Underwear

On Food for Thought Friday, I remembered my late mother’s Words of Wisdom, Words to Live By

And this week, I independently-published a collection of erotic and naughty poems, entitled “Poe-rotica” (see what I did there?) 😜. It’s available in your local amazon marketplace for under $3, or the equivalent amount in your related local currency, and if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read it for free!

Happy weekend, lovely people,


Jupiter x 🌺

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