Sound the Self-Promotion Klaxon…

…let’s wake up the neighbours,

I’m sure that they won’t mind

To hear my cries and your loud grunts

As you thrust in my behind….

(from “Wake Up The Neighbours”)

Now available at amazon, my very first indie publication, Poe-rotica: 101 Saucy and Erotic Poems by Jupiter Grant.

You can read it via Kindle Unlimited.

You can purchase it as a Kindle e-book for just under $3 USD/ £2.50 GBP (or at the appropriate exchange rate as listed at your own country’s amazon site).

You can purchase it as a shiny new paperback, with colour images.

Which ever way you want it, you can have it! Amazon will give it to you, and give it to you hard! (Or something like that…)

Go get yourself some “Poe-rotica”. Because a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste….. 😈

* Don’t you just hate it when bloggers bombard your notifications with promotional material? 😉😳 💋

Click to find Poe-rotica in your local amazon store…

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