What I’ve Been Keeping on the Down Low- Sinful Sunday

For this August’s Sinful Sunday prompt, “Get down low”, I’m sharing a picture that was taken of me a couple of months ago but that I haven’t ever felt brave enough to share up until now. Even with the filters on, the sight of my bulging stomach makes me wince. Ewww.

But, on the upside, I do like the way my boobs and shoulder look so, y’know, swings and roundabouts I guess. 😳 (Although, where the fuck has my nipple disappeared to?)

Enjoy your Sunday Sinning, my lovelies x

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42 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Keeping on the Down Low- Sinful Sunday

  1. I love edits like this. When I use them myself they always remind me of beings from another planet, who maybe don’t photograph as they should in front of our limited technology. So I# find it extra fun to see other folks use them because I end up imagining a whole host of sexy aliens quietly invading earth and spreading our sexy thoughts and no one noticing until we get in front a camera!

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  2. My tummy is my biggest hang up and I probably delete the majority of pictures that feature it but this image makes me want to try again maybe with some cool filters. Thanks for sharing, it’s a great picture x

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