SoSS #6- 03/07/2019

Welcome to August, and to my SoSS #6. It’s been a hectic week of ups and downs, but the wonderful work of so many bloggers has kept me smiling, kept me engrossed, and kept me company. As ever, there are too many fantastic posts to mention, but here are a selection of offerings that really caught my eye this week. Enjoy ๐Ÿ’‹


Merry and the Merman by E.T. Costello. A passionate and otherworldly tale.

Sacrosanct by Violet Fawkes. A beautifully crafted flash fiction that perfectly evokes the heat of summer.

50-word Stories: She Devil by The Pink Seam. I love a good flash fiction, and this one really hits the spot!

Offering by Lessons in Kate. Hot and horny group sex, with a terrific twist in the tail.


Served Hot by Missy of Such a simple scene but exquisitely described and powerfully arousing. Beautiful!

Why Does It Have to be Complicated? by J. Lynn recounts the beautiful first meeting in 18 years between she and her pet; and, in She Kissed Me, Pet describes events from his point of view.

Laughter, or the Art of Becoming One by collaredmichael. This is such a joyful post about the beautiful of laughter. As someone for whom shared humour is a huge factor in my attraction to anyone, this struck a happy chord and made me smile.


Mouth by TJ The Lustful Empress. Very sensual words and images.

919 by justme62. A stunning nature photograph and some evocative poetry.

Prisoner of the Heart by Mona Soorma. From the collection “Unrequited”; short, but packs a punch to the heart.

Thank You For Nothing by Frank Solanki. Visceral, powerful words that feel, to me at least, like spitting venom at anyone who’s ever hurt me. I love the latent resentment in this piece.


Sing Little Bird by Ouizzi. I love the light, shade, and textures in this image.

Embrace by Missus Whispers. I love the relaxed and serene feeling of this image.

Breathe by Annie Savoy. A beautiful shot.

Very Cloudy Sunset. I love this picture from 365dniwobiektywielg. It’s so moody and evocative.

Some of my own posts this week

Writer’s Block– My Masturbation Monday submission this week is all about getting some sexy inspiration to stimulate the creative muse.

Outtake – The Downside of Stayfast Lipstick is a Sinful Sunday glimpse into the reality behind a recent candid shot.

Shaving Complications. Ever had an ingrown hair down below? Sure, I hear you say. Ever had an ingrown hair on steroids take up residence in your downstairs region? Welcome to my world. This is a silly little poem I wrote to make myself laugh, (cause if I didn’t laugh, I was gonna cry!) (Feeling much better now, btw! ๐Ÿ‘)

I tried out the Holyvo Clitoral Sucking Vibrator from Paloqueth, and a joyous time was had!! ๐Ÿ‘„

Happy weekend, lovely people, and big hugs and kisses to you all.

Love, Jupiter x ๐ŸŒบ

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