What a day!

Hi there kink-sters and other gorgeous Lair-lurkers,

What a day it has been! Between work stuff for my crappy day job and writing material this evening for the July submission windows of various publications in the hope of getting some nibbles (yes nibbles, not nipples, you pervs!), I have been pretty much wedded to my laptop for most of today, and it’s now almost midnight here in the UK. But, sigh of relief, it is done and all my submissions have flown out into the ether. Fly my pretties, and fingers crossed. And if nobody bites, well, I’ve at least got a few pieces I can either use to create my “Smutlancer” portfolio, or some material to perhaps self-publish down the track. Silver clouds!

I apologise to everyone I follow in the blog-iverse, and everyone who has submitted to various memes over the last few weeks. I love to read and comment widely, but life has been hectic and I’ve fallen woefully behind. But I still have all the relevant pages flagged and notifications highlighted, and I will be catching up on all of your amazing content now that I have a moment to breathe again.

Now, to say I’m sorry, and just because it’s you and I know you’ll keep it secret, here are some boobies… πŸ˜‰


Jupiter x 🌺

16 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Not sorry enough! I need jiggling! Jiggle damm you! Jiggle! Oh.. hay.. if I look at them while exercising on elliptical they look like they jiggle! Sweet! Apologies excepted. 😁

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