SoSS #4- 20/07/2019

I’ve been out of the Lair this week, you may have noticed. I’ve been doing some writing for “vanilla” journals and anthologies, hoping to make a sale or two of some short stories. I’ve got no idea whether they’ll get picked up, and I’m simultaneously proud of what I’ve written and plagued by self-doubt! Time will tell, I guess.

Despite being otherwise engaged outside of my own blog, I have been trying to keep up with the wonderful content that’s been hitting my notifications lately, and pleased to present this soupçon of my favourites so far this week…

Happy reading!


I love the premise behind Rock, Paper, Scissors by Knkstriped. A clever idea, superbly delivered!

Unfelt by Master’s Musings is an evocative piece full of darkness and mystery.

I really loved Violet Fawkes’ Friday Flash Fiction, (Ziegfeld) Folie a Deux. Violet really sets a very sensual scene here.


Bravery by Ripe Scrumptious Peach. There are no words to adequately express how much this post resonated. A must-read.

Francesca Demont introduced us to The Ultimate Bondage Dress on Sinful Sunday, and what a dreamy creation it is.

I love those moments of just being together. Sometimes, A Reset by Steeled Snake is a lovely affirmation of the power of just spending time together to reset.

A post that’s particularly resonated with me this week is Floss’ Finding Inspiration.


Spot on the Rock by Jason A. Muckley. Oh for a vantage point where you can rest, take in your surroundings, and survey where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Dying for the Fiction by Paul Vincent Cannon is a powerful poem about climate change.

A Morsel, A Sweetmeat, A Treat by ET Costello is a lovely ode to the cunt.

The Only Way by River Dixon. “Time, though linear in our hearts/
Stands still for the mind to wrap around“; masterful poetry, brilliant imagery.


Sinful Sunday – Pretty! Poetry! by Jerusalem Mortimer. A fantastic image and some very sage words!

Silhouette by Contessa Mercedes. I adore the lighting and the sensuousness of Contessa’s pose.

Filling the Time by Kinky and Perky. A gorgeous image; chest hair, some lovely hand placement, a flushed and picturesque perineum, and a purple (or is it blue?) buttplug all join forces in this wonderfully erotic shot.

After by Sweetgirl. I honestly thought this was a painting at first. An absolutely exquisite photo.

My own blogging-week

Not a lot of blog content from my own brain this week, but I was thrilled to have “Deep Impact” included in the latest edition of elust.

I found a beautiful image painted by a very talented artist, Jennifer Jigour, which inspired the haiku “Twin Soul”. Likewise a very sexy picture by Steve K inspired “Reveal”.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Love, Jupiter x 🌺

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