Ace of Wands

Another re-visit to an early post, “Ace of Wands”…

Jupiter's Lair


Thrumming and throbbing, the Wand vibrated against my mound as I used my free hand to grasp at my breast, kneading the flesh and pinching the nipple into a rosy, puckering peak. Goosebumps pimpled the circumference of the areola, the skin pulling taut and tense.

Pinwheels of iridescent light dancing behind closed eyelids, I drew the Wand down towards my vulva. I ran the helmet vertically up the left side of my cunt, letting the vibrations tease and tickle my labia; now horizontally across the wishbone opening of my slit, cresting lightly over my swollen clitoris; now trailing down the glistening wet lips on the right-hand side of my drooling nether mouth. I felt the viscous liquid of my arousal bubbling like hot magma from my engorged cleft, and groaned.

With a firmer hand now, I pressed the toy’s rounded head flat against the folds of flesh that enveloped…

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7 thoughts on “Ace of Wands

    1. I did years ago. Not regularly or professionally or anything. I haven’t done so in a long time. It sounds a bit weird but I found that when I tried to get back into it a couple of years ago my energy was just all wrong. I know you have a number of decks, don’t you? I used to have a couple, I started with the Hallowquest deck, as I’m into Grail lore, but my mum’s favourite was the Rider-Waite. Classic 👍Will drop you an email to swap some tarot tips soon xx


      1. I have a bunch of decks lol R-W, Marseille, Wild Unknown, Dreams of Gaia, Angel, Starman (David Bowie ❤), Decameron, Milo Manara, Kama Sutra, etc… and a good number of Oracle decks. I don’t do it professionally either; just for me on my… journey (rolling my eyes lol). I have been surviving an awakening for the last 2ish years. Not as fun as it seems. I look forward to chatting with you. 😊😊😊

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