Kiss Me, Kink Me

It started with a kiss, as the classic pop song said,

The words of ‘Hot Chocolate’ still linger in my head.

A simple fleeting moment that turned into something more,

And like a tidal wave you crashed upon my shore.

Demure to begin with, tentative and shy

But as the months passed you suggest we should try

Something kind of kinky, a blindfold and a gag.

I was thrilled by your suggestion for a brand new kind of shag!

Next came the feather tickler, some handcuffs and some clamps

I was slightly hesitant, would that not make me a tramp?

“No, no,” you said, “for pleasure is the object of this game,

Be free to indulge your wildest thoughts, don’t ever feel ashamed.”

So I submitted to your game, and discovered new desires

Kinky sex that brought me bliss, and re-lit all my fires.

As we progressed to crops and paddles, nose hooks and some rope

We played at fetish clubs and orgies, and widen our kinky scope.

Another couple to our bed we welcomed with great joy,

You lay and watched while I became their obedient little toy.

I never felt such raw excitement as when I watched your eyes,

As another man fucked me in the ass, his wife between my thighs.

Then afterwards you kissed me gently, and told me I was good,

I felt such pride for pleasing you, like a good submissive should.

And now I wear your collar, and it signifies I’m yours,

When you come home I welcome you presented on all fours.

What a journey you and I have made, though the outside world can’t see

And I remember fondly how you kissed me and then kinked me.

Artwork: “Kink Hug” by Samarel. Click picture to visit original source website.

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