SoSS #2: 06/07/2019

Another week, and another SoSSpost. I’ve been a bit slow on catching up on my reading this week, but with such fantastic work being posted, I’ve still had plenty of material for this, my second SoSS.

Last Sunday saw the final day of Every Damn Day in June. Well done to everyone who took part; regardless of whether you missed a few days here or there, I’m sure you’ll agree it was a terrific writing challenge.

And now, on with this week’s SoSS…


Taphophile by Kisungura. This is a past post that Kisungura linked to in her 1 year blogiversary celebration at the end of June, but one I hadn’t read before. Wow! Such evocative writing which creates lush and eerie scenes, followed by a jaw-dropping ending! Whether you’re a first-timer to this tale, or are re-visiting, go check it out!

A Change in Fortune by bluesubmission is a terrific Friday flash fiction about destiny. A lovely piece.

Sizzling Session by Marie Rebelle is a super hot tale of BDSM that certainly got me (and my knickers) sizzling, that’s for damn sure!!


Chasing the Electric Orgasm PurpleSole and littlegem conducted an experiment involving electric stimulation and published their findings for Masturbation Monday. If only all science could be this sexy! (And you can read the scientific findings in the follow-up article, Another Level: A Play Analysis)

[That’s my kink] Androgyny, Gender & Blurring the Lines by Floss explores the appeal of the androgynous and gender fluid. It’s a fascinating insight into Floss, and a lovely affirmation of the non-binary.

[Tell Me About] Humiliation by melodyinsights, is a very thoughtful article in which melody talks about humiliation play, and how the “sissy”-fication that forms a lot of online Femdom can reinforce damaging stereotypes about “real” men, wherein the feminine or feminized aspects of the submissive is mocked and ridiculed. As melody observes, this type of humiliation can be especially acute for trangender individuals, in particular MtoF.


Dorian Gray by Melody Chen, is a poem published back in May, but is a new discovery for me this week. I was absolutely drawn into the hedonistic moment Melody describes, and am utterly intoxicated by it.

What I Want and What I Got by Megan O’Keefe. Just three short lines, but they say so very much.

Dawn by Shllyn recounts two people sharing a beautiful dawn together. It’s exquisite.


Portraits LGBT 2019 de Rennes – Episode 1. Filimages snapped several pages worth of these beautiful, colourful photographs at the LGBT walk in Rennes, France last month. They are a joyous documentation of love, friendship, and togetherness 🌹

Harnessed. This is an amazing picture from Deviant Succubus! It looks like a sleeve phone for a sexy goth compliation album, and I know that DS would know exactly which tracks to add to create a fantastically sexy BDSM atmosphere.

Front View by Molly Moore. How gorgeous are these knickers?! I can’t wait to see the full set.

My own blogging-week in review

I was delighted to have made Toy for Sir‘s Masturbation Monday Round-Up this week with Deep Impact, a BDSM fantasy inspired by a picture sent to me by a good friend that really got my mind, and my pulse, racing! Thanks for the picture, friend, and thank you, Toy! πŸ’‹

For Food for Thought Friday, on the topic of Conscious Communication, I wrote Conscious Communication Breakdown, or, why People Call Me an Ice Queen”. This recounts one of the many instances in which I’ve failed to communicate consciously (or, indeed, remotely effectively) and have decided that my feelings are best kept bottled up inside, thus sometimes earning me the delightful moniker “Ice Queen” (or “cold-hearted bitch”, to quote a less regally-minded ex!)

Happy weekend, everyone!

Jupiter x πŸŒΊπŸ’‹

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