The Finer Things

This silly little poem came to me in the shower one morning, and I remember typing it out on my tablet whilst leaving wet footprints on the floor and with my hair dripping everywhere. It remains a favourite, and as I’m having a lazy day today and not doing much in the way of writing (too damn hot!), I thought I’d give it a little re-blog. I hope you enjoy it xx

Jupiter's Lair

Nothing in this world is finer

than having you in my vagina.

No gilded treasure can distract

when I lie open upon my back

and hold you, firm against my skin,

whilst you maraud the palace within.

There’s no allure in fancy cars,

Expensive wine in Members’ bars.

I could want no other prize

than your sweet mouth between my thighs.

No first-class tickets, front row seats,

No rich liqueur, or jeweled treats

can ever beat the joy I get

from knowing I’m your favourite pet.

If I were royal, I’d cede the crown,

were that the price to have you down

between my legs, your silken tongue

to tease the curtains loosely hung

around the bud of my delight,

and ’round my pussy, small and tight.

So come inside, I beg you please,

Lower yourself betwixt my knees,

And plumb my depths, my deepest parts,

Bewitch me with your…

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