SoSS #1: 29/06/2019

I’ve so enjoyed reading everyone’s #SoSS posts, (and been very flattered to be included in some of them), so I wanted to join the fun and start sharing some of my favourites from this week. Some made me horny, some made me laugh, and some made me think. A couple made me cry, and it is with one of these powerful, tear-jerking pieces that I begin my very first #SoSS.


The Digger’s Kiss by Hislordshipuk. Two soldiers, the cruel brutality of war contrasted with exquisite tenderness. This left me stunned, speechless and sniffing back tears.

The Hunter by bluesubmission is a dark, ethereal tale shared for this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘Survival’. Superbly written, this enchanting story transports the reader into a strange twilight world and is absolutely engrossing.

Cocktails and Cock-Stroking: A Tale of Pervy Voyeurism by On Queer Street, in which we are invited to the sexiest of soirees. This super hot story gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Members Club”! πŸ‘„ Where do I join up?

The Only Survivor by Floss Does Life. Dark and gothic, Floss’ erotic tale conjures images of blood and lust, manipulation and malevolence in a rich and heady concoction.

The Secret Chest by Deviant Succubus. A shatteringly intense, palpitation-inducing BDSM scenario between a Master and his Good Girl at Christmas. Remember to check your breathing through this one- it’s a roller-coaster ride of hot kink that will leave you gasping!


Does It Matter What Nabokov Would Have Thought Of Me? by The Lexy Experiment, is a very thoughtful and thought-provoking discussion around the still-too predominant perception of masculine superiority and the increasingly enforced muting of the female voice, particularly in the current political climate.

My “Father”, another amazing piece by the supremely talented Deviant Succubus, absolutely shook me to the core this week. DS relates the abuse that her so-called father inflicted upon her, her sister and her mother. Be prepared, this is a difficult read; don’t ignore DS’s trigger warning. But her bravery in sharing these experiences is inspiring, and her story deserves to be heard.

Survival is Not the Same as Living by Violet Fawkes is at once a statement of painful resignation and a fierce affirmation. A powerful must-read.

Being Overlooked by submissy is an insightful discussion of (in)visibility and how, in the online writing community “what you write becomes what you are… There are no distractions, no impressions to create. Just raw feelings on the page which are there for others to read and to understand. We have no body here, we make no sound. We are the trail of ink that we produce, telling our story.” I dare say that many of you will be able to relate to Missy’s observations; I know I certainly do!

Alert! Alert! Sound the shameless self-promotion klaxon! The brilliant Posy Churchgate kindly asked me to take part in one of her #SoSS interviews and, being an avid fan of hers, I was flattered and very willing to oblige. You can read the interview here. And while you’re visiting Posy’s Pillow Talk blog, may I heartily recommend her trilogy Let’s Go Round Again? Immortality and reincarnation haven’t tasted so good since Anne Rice’s early works!


Overflowing by The Lustful Empress. TJ pairs a beautiful image with a luscious erotic poem, my favourite line of which -“Rushing like ravenous melt water” – remains firmly ensconced in my brain days after first reading.

Call Me… by AC @ The Cracked Lens, is a re-publishing of his stunning 2016 poem inspired by Dylan Thomas, in which AC explores the dichotomies of the self; the different, and sometimes opposing, facets that make up the human being. It’s a breathtaking piece in which the protagonist seeks to be accepted for all that he is, “angel, beast and madman”.

I Think of You by Shllyn. One of my favourite poets, Shllyn always expresses such beautiful emotions and images with a stunning simplicity. This piece is absolutely gorgeous.

Rouge Desire by Paul Vincent Cannon is a beautiful poem, based on a quote from “Cider with Rosie” by Laurie Lee. It is full of rich, autumnal imagery and wistful memory, and is sweet and crisp like a shiny red apple.

On the Worst of Days by Whiskey Tales and Spells. Dana’s writing always has such an evocative, honest quality to it, and I find this poem particularly affirming.


Gusset – a creamy thigh, and a splash of colour; a simple but effective image courtesy of Molly Moore.

London Pride, captured by Max Gor as part of his “Raw Streets” photojournalism blog. His photographs are always stunning, and this one brilliantly celebrates Pride Month. Happy Pride, everyone! πŸŽ†πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

Cupless. Another mention for bluesubmission this week. Her Lingerie is for Everyone post, in which she positively rocks a cupless bra, is a delightful feast for the eyes!

In a Pink Sea by PMU. PMUink was one of the very first sites I followed, and I highly recommend you follow, too. Every day, a simple doodle; every day a little smile brought to your face courtesy of PMU.

A couple of my own publications this week :

Jingle Bells – Ben-wa Balls, Kegel Balls, Jiggle Balls, Pleasure Balls, Love Balls; whatever the nomenclature, they’re not just good exercise for the internal muscles, but a fun and sexy addition to a spanking session!

This week’s Food for Thought Friday prompt was “A Near Miss”, and in taking part in my first F4TF, I recounted the story of a couple of near misses, one of which involved a drunken dark night of the soul and a mystery phone call that I’ve come to believe may have saved my life. It comes with a trigger warning; it’s by no means a jolly tale, but I’ve been so incredibly touched by the support and kind words of those who read it, and want to say a big thank you for allowing me to share this difficult part of my recent history.

I was honoured to host a guest blog post for a talented Twitter pal, @Aguyinpanties . He has a terrific knack for building tension and anticipation to the point where you, as a reader, find yourself as aroused as the protagonist/s. Hopefully it won’t be long before he joins us in the blog-iverse, but for now you can enjoy his erotic piece, Peekaboo at Jupiter’s Lair.


Happy weekend, everyone, and happy reading,

Love, Jupiter x 🌺

23 thoughts on “SoSS #1: 29/06/2019

  1. I am honored and humbled by my inclusion in your favorites of the week!! I write to free myself from the constraints of my life and am always amazed when something I pen touches another. ❀️

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  2. I am so honoured to be on your list of faves… you are one of mine too… *blush* 😊. Glad you enjoyed my little poem. I don’t consider myself a poet… stuff just kinda spills outta me from time to time… like “ravenous melt water” lol ❀❀❀

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  3. Thank you so much for including my post in what is such a comprehensive list of brilliant pieces of writing and photography. I have fallen behind a bit with my reading this week so I had missed some of these. missy x

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  4. Wow! That is pretty much my weekend’s reading sorted! A lovely full and varied #soss that I shall work my way through. Thanks for linking our interview, and once again thank-you for participating with such honesty and generosity – it makes all the difference and I’m sure folk are going to love it.

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  5. A great #SoSS post. You have highlighted so many great works, many of which I have missed during the hurly burly of the week. I look forward to catching up with them over the weekend. Thanks!

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  6. What an amazing roundup Jupiter! Thank you so much for including my Nabokov post. πŸ™ I’m really amazed at how widely you read and it’s wonderful. There are quite a few bloggers here new to me who I am excited to check out. x

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    1. Thanks Lexy, and thank you for your always fascinating posts. I love the way you encourage your reader to think about things that we might not normally delve into deeply, and to question our feelings and ideas. πŸ€”
      Enjoy the reading. There’s such a lot of top quality material out there that it was tough narrowing down. 😊

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  7. Thank you so much for the recommendation, but more than anything I am so pleased to bring a smile to your face, that is all i wat to do with my blog so it means the world to hear I have succeeded πŸ™‚

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