Special Guest Post: “Peekaboo” by A Guy in Panties

I’m delighted to host a guest post today for the lovely A Guy in Panties. If you follow him on Twitter, at @Aguyinpanties, you’ll already be aware of his gorgeous photos. But did you also know that he’s a talented writer of erotica? He’s currently sans blog, but his work is very sexy and deserves to be out in the world making everyone’s panties wet. So, you sexy kink-sters and erotica lovers, I am pleased and honoured to present the first Guest Post on Jupiter’s Lair, courtesy of the fabulous A Guy in Panties. Enjoy!



by A Guy in Panties

A distant, familiar sound roused Faye Reed from her slumber as she rolled over and curled an arm round her husband Dave’s shoulder. He dismissed the alarm and twisted round to peck Faye on the cheek before hauling himself out of bed with a groan. It was 6am and already 20 degrees as the seemingly endless summer heatwave continued, and Faye didn’t envy Dave’s 10-hour slog on a building site. Today was her day off and an afternoon’s sunbathing in the park was about as much as she had planned today.

Stretching across the double bed, Faye managed to drift off back to sleep and to her surprise it was a little past 9am when she awoke. Padding to the bathroom, Faye paused to look in the mirror. She was black, naturally pretty and tended to hover between a size 16 and 18. Today felt like a size 18 day. Wearing only a pair of plum-coloured briefs, Faye felt she’d put on a few pounds recently but hers was a feminine, natural figure and Dave had always discouraged her from trying to change that.

Faye headed back to the bedroom and put on a light silk dressing gown, tying it at the waist before opening the curtains. They lived in a small complex of three-storey apartment buildings and their home was on the top floor. A tree-lined pathway separated their building from the one behind, and just as Faye was turning away from the window, something caught her eye.

The curtains of a bedroom on the second floor of the building opposite were open, and Faye saw a tall, white male walk past. He had a close-cropped haircut and was naked but for a pair of tight-fitting white boxer shorts. His body was lithe and toned, the snug-fitting shorts enhancing his buttocks and leaving little to the imagination at the front. As the man turned around and walked the other way, Faye’s eyes were instinctively drawn to his crotch, where the bulging package shifted from side to side with each step.

‘OK Faye, time to step aside now. This is ridiculous’, she told herself, feeling rather immature for perving over this man and certain he was going to look up at any moment and see her gawping at him. Yet she remained by the window and watched as the man lay back on his bed and looked at his phone. A spark of excitement shot up her spine as she pulled the curtains just six inches short of being closed.

The man lay there for a minute or so, staring at his phone, and Faye was about to finally end this silliness and walk away when he moved a hand down to his crotch. Her stomach fluttered as the man began to massage himself there, gripping and lightly tugging at himself as he stared intently at his phone.

Faye was motionless as she watched the bulge in the man’s shorts visibly swell and straighten, straining against the material. Her right hand moved to the gap in her robe and to her fleshy pubic mound. She felt the coarse curls beneath the cotton and shifted her legs apart as the man put down his phone and pulled down his boxers. As he did so, his erect penis sprung back towards him, bobbing almost comically before he took it in his hand and began slowly and steadily working the skin over his shaft back and forward.

Through the material of her knickers, Faye ran her middle finger delicately along the length of her vulva, starting at the bottom before the deliciousness of clitoral contact made her sigh and twitch involuntarily. She felt a damp spot develop on the material as she rhythmically stroked herself there, feeling herself becoming engorged and hot.

The man was now using his other hand to tease his balls and perineum, delicately running a finger back and forth while his other hand pumped firmly at his penis. Faye slid her fingers through the leg hole of her knickers and shuddered as she explored the wetness between her legs. Her digits slipped effortlessly inside herself and a wave of pleasure flowed through her crotch as her eyes never left the sight of this man unknowingly (or did he know?) masturbating in full view. She worked her fingers in and out to match the speed of the man’s hand, her vulva making soft wet sounds with every movement.

His slow, steady motion had now given way to a faster, more powerful stroke and the tension in his face told Faye that his orgasm was close. She found her clitoris, transferring her slick fluid to it with practised ease, and was by this point so aroused that this touch almost triggered her climax. Faye gasped and moved her fingers away momentarily, wanting to synchronise her orgasm with her unwitting partner’s.

The man’s eyes squeezed close and his mouth fell open in an ecstatic yawn; Faye knew the moment had come and began circling her now bulbous clitoris with two fingers. Climax was instant and huge. The first orgasmic wave coursed through her vulva as she watched ropes of semen spurt from the man’s swollen glans, spattering his stomach and chest. He continued working his penis as one huge spray flew past his shoulder. Faye strummed her clitoris furiously as she whispered “fucking hell,” savouring the most erotic moment of her life. Her body jolted as the shortening orgasmic shocks gripped her, the man’s spasming penis now freed from his hand as he lay exhausted.

Faye slowed her fingers to a stop as the last wave of pleasure was wrought from what was the most satisfying orgasm she had ever had, be it alone or otherwise. She did not wait to watch the man get up; with jelly legs she staggered to the bathroom, dropping her gown on the way before peeling off her soaking knickers. Faye stepped into the shower and, her whole body alive with excitement, set about herself once more with the morning’s astonishing images fresh in her mind.

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