I dream of us making beautiful shapes, on beautiful sheets of fine Egyptian cotton. I am captivated by your beautiful eyes, your beautiful body, your beautiful soul.

I spend my days desperate just to talk to you, if only to know what it is you’ll say. My nights, in turn, are spent in hot, damp abandon with a hand slid under my waistband.

I envisage your beautiful mouth on my hard, pink nipples, your teeth grazing the delicate flesh, then nipping with sensuous brutality. I imagine your warm lips on my shoulder, my throat, my mouth, and goosebumps pimple my skin.

There’s a beautiful symmetry to you and me, a shared connection, a powerful magnetism, that intoxicates my mind and arouses my body. Wet heat and musky aromas rise from between my thighs, the crotch of my knickers damp with slick desire. I teeter permanently on the edge of an orgasm, never far from the need to fill my own ravenous cunt, while my mind is filled with you.

Such a beautiful dreamscape of fantastical scenes, of animal lust and of sweet tenderness. You shared your beautiful body, your beautiful mind, your beautiful soul with me, and made me feel beautiful in return.

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