Jingle Bells

I coated the silver ben-wa balls with a thick smear of lube and lay back on the bed with my legs spread. The twin balls jingled as I angled them towards my open cunt, the little weights inside the metallic shells shifting and rolling in response to every subtle movement. With my free hand, I pulled my left labium to the side to expose my wet opening even further, and with a slow, smooth motion of my right hand, pushed the two balls deep inside my vagina.

Jingle jingle.

He stood only feet away, watching approvingly as I positioned the balls within my silken cavern and let go of the short looped cord. Though I couldnโ€™t see it, I could feel it emerging from my cunt like a tampon string.

“Now stand.”

The simple directive was short, sharp, and carried with it a hint of playful menace. I tightened my kegels around my jingle bells and carefully rose from the mattress. The feeling of weight in my pussy as I stood to attention was wonderfully arousing, and I clenched and unclenched, enjoying the sensations that filled my inner walls.

“Lean forward.”

I silently obeyed and, placing my hands flat on the mattress, I lowered my torso and raised my bottom eagerly towards him. He ran an adoring hand over the globes of my buttocks, warming up the flesh with occasional pats, pinches and light slaps combined with a languid rubbing motion. I closed my eyes and imagined what I looked like from his perspective; arse in the air, cord emerging from my increasingly-damp cunt, and buttocks reddening as he drew the blood to their surface with his skilled hands.


I gasped as he slapped my right butt cheek hard with the flat of his hand. I felt the balls move with a jolt, and could both hear and feel the sound of them jingle-jangling inside me.


Oh! The delicious weight and movement as the silvery orbs shuddered from the impact. I moaned, as I felt my pussy lips get fuller and heavier, and my slick fluids wet on my thighs.


“Fuck….” I groaned, as he interspersed each smack with a rub of my stinging skin. As his slaps increased in both frequency and intensity, the ben-wa balls were in almost constant motion, and the sensation inside as I gripped them harder with my inner muscles drove me steadily insane.

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!

I whined as he drew up to my left side and slid his left hand between my legs, stroking my labia and tickling at my clit. With his right hand he continued to slap my arse red and raw. My hips wriggled and gyrated under his expert ministrations.

He began to rub circles over my swollen clitoris, and I hummed and purred between my gasps of pleasure and pain each time his palm landed hard and biting on my arse. He knew exactly which buttons to press – as it were!- and with each second the intense sensations increased.




Ohhhh, god!


Yes! Oh, fuck YES!!

My knees trembled as I came, and I raised my bottom higher in the air, desperate for more blows. My contracting cunt muscles opened and closed around the silver balls, slick and slippery with my viscous liquid, as he continued to rub briskly at my clit. I came again, with an almost animal howl.

I heard the jingle bells as his fingers grasped their cord and pulled them quickly from my cunt. He threw them carelessly onto the bed before plunging his cock hard inside me, and riding me through another shatteringly intense orgasm. As I was buffetted back and forth by his rapid, heavy thrusts, heard him growl, and felt his cum spill down my legs, I watched the ben-wa balls rolling on the mattress, coated with creamy white fluids from the furthest recesses of my pussy, jingling all the way….

๐Ÿ”” ๐Ÿ””

17 thoughts on “Jingle Bells

  1. This was very intense and, as always, well-written! I really need to get new ben-wa balls, I don’t know what happened to mine. But right now, I am really missing them!

    Liked by 1 person

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