Cry for Help

Blackness behind weary eyes,

Tiredness scratches at her brain.

Fog descends and confusion builds

And she knows that to others she seems insane.

Hallucinations and blurry letters,

Computer screen undulates and dances

As she struggles to stay awake,

And ignore everybody’s questioning glances.

So much medication that she no longer functions,

“The Drugs Don’t Work”, The Verve once said.

Well, not in the ways she needs them, it’s true,

Don’t relieve the pain, but anaesthetise her head.

Joints that crunch and muscles tied in knots,

And with no end yet in sight

The days exhaust her, and leave her aching,

And occasional sleep offers no respite.

Doctors do not seem to care,

The NHS is in crisis, you see

Their priorities are set on other things,

And they have no time for little old me.

But her life is unravelling the longer this lasts,

And her future is in jeopardy.

And all she really wants to do

Is scream and cry out, “Won’t somebody help me?”

Artwork: “Weeping Woman” by Pablo Picasso. Click picture to visit original websource.

5 thoughts on “Cry for Help

    1. Thank you AC. I really appreciate your comments. Sadly, I suspect you are very right that there will be all too many people who can relate to the issue of pain, be it physical and mental, and to them I’d say I’m sorry you’re suffering, and my heart is with you 💜🌺

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  1. This could be the person suffering from migraines, the other suffering from arthritis, the next suffering from lupus.. all of them hide their pain so they appear ok or normal. The healthcare system failing them all.
    Very well said jupiter❣️

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    1. Thank you, J, for your comment and your very salient point. Indeed, there are so many people suffering in silence, keeping themselves together through medications that can have miserable side effects. I love the NHS, and am grateful for the times they have come to my aid, but as the system cracks and the waiting lists get longer, there are more and more people with any number of ailments impacting on their lives, and they’re having to work so hard every day to keep functioning 😢 xx

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