My Love

My love, I’ve missed you everyday we’ve been apart. Thought about you through elasticated minutes, and never-ending hours.

Craving your touch, your kiss, your cock.

Your skin beneath my trembling hands, your fingers in my mouth, your body entwined with my own.


My love, I miss your eyes when you’re away. The way you look at me with love and with lust.

Your smile when you’re happy, your scowl when you’re grumpy. The way you frown when you’re feeling anxious.

The way your breath hitches, your eyes close, and your teeth bite your lip when I take you in my mouth.


My love, I miss your prick when you’re not here. I dream each night that you’re lying nestled between my legs.

Your tip damp with fluid, your length hard and angry.

Recall the way you moan each time you slide inside my hungry flesh.


My love, I miss your kiss when I’m alone. Your teeth pinching at my lips, the way your tongue traces the outline of my mouth.

The taste of your liquor, and the flavour of your cigarettes.

The way you press your mouth to mine as we descend from the heavens, breathless, and wrapped in each other’s arms.

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