Anatomy of a Brief Reunion (as told through haiku)

kisses hot and slow,

desperate tongues intertwine.

I’ve missed this so much.


fingers in my hair,

whispered words breathed in my ear:

“been thinking of you.”


start to unbutton.

shed clothing and pretences.

tonight is for us.


lay me on the bed.

let your tongue trace my body.

you’re so good, my love.


mouth upon my thigh.

I hold your head in my hands;

my heart is in yours


won’t let me touch you,

you want me at your mercy.

your willing victim


warm kiss on damp flesh,

protruding tongue laps and flicks,

my magma flowing


shouting out your name

with your face between my legs,

love your muffled moans


balance on forearms,

with your knees bent, hips forward.

slide yourself inside.


breathe each other’s breath.

our gazes lock together

see inside the soul


riding cresting waves,

undulations of pleasure.

our perfect merging.


hiding in your neck.

your head upon my shoulder.

dozing in your arms


sunrise early morn

we breakfast on each other

tea and sticky love


kisses at the door.

I’m missing you already:

you aren’t even gone.


lying here alone

I still smell you on my sheets

and can’t help but cry…

Art: “Alone Together” by Alison Schmidt Carson (click picture for link)

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