Dirty Picture

“I could think of ways to see you,

I could close my eyes to dream

I could fantasize about you,

But just do one thing for me.

Cause whenever I’m not with you

All I need is just to see

So just send a picture of you

A special picture just for me…

Take a dirty picture for me,

Take a dirty picture.

Just send a dirty picture to me

Send a dirty picture….”

(“Dirty Picture”, Taio Cruz feat. Ke$ha)

Her mobile phone buzzed suddenly to life on her bedside table, startling her and rousing her from her sleep. She snapped on the light and swiped at her phone.

You awake? read his text message.

Fucksake, she thought, it’s almost 3am. What the hell is he playing at?

I miss you came the second message. Then, only seconds later, I’m so horny

No shit, she thought. Why else would he be texting her at this ungodly time? She was tired, and she had to get up for work in a couple of hours.

Ding. Another message. A photo message this time. A shot of his hard cock standing to attention, flushed and almost purple, with pre-cum leaking from the tip. It was an impressive erection, and she couldn’t help but notice how her nipples tightened and her insides quivered at the thought of him lying there hard, palming his cock slowly.

Send dirty pics.

She bristled slightly at the command, coming as it did at such an inconvenient time, but at the same time she found herself pulling off her nightie and snapping a picture of her breasts. Send…

Nice. More please.

She sighed, and wriggled her knickers down until they reached her ankles. Letting her thighs fall open, she placed her phone between her legs and took a series of photos. She scrolled quickly through each of them and selected the best one for sending. In the shot she decided on, she could see the light glistening on her dampening petals. Maybe she was kinda into this after all. Send…

She reached into her bedside drawer for her bullet vibrator and settled back on the pillows. She twisted the vibrator into life and ran it over her pussy, snapping a couple of follow up pictures ready for sending while she waited for his reply. She switched off the vibrations; she didn’t want to finish too quickly. This could be a very fun game.

The wetness seeped between her legs as she waited. And waited.

After a few minutes, she texted him. Wet and waiting for you, baby πŸ˜‰ and she attached one of her chosen pics.

It took another few minutes for his text to arrive, and in the meantime she was getting hotter and wetter.

Thanks babe. That was fun. Night xx

What?! Goodnight? “You must be fucking kidding me!” she muttered to herself. What a gall he has, she mused, and fired the vibrator into action. Waking her in the middle of the night, then leaving her here and turned on. Bastard, she’d get him back…


At 7.30am, he stood in the aisle of the peak-hour train into the city. It was pretty rammed, as usual, and he’d given up his seat to a very elderly woman who reminded him of his lovely old Nan.

His phone buzzed, and he reached into his trouser pocket to retrieve it. Within seconds, his mouth was hanging open and all the blood rushed to his groin. In the picture, she was laying there on the bed, her legs wide open and cunt exposed, her bullet vibrator in the process of penetrating her wet pussy. He suddenly became acutely aware of how close his crotch was to the lovely old woman’s face, right in her eyeline, and swallowed hard.

His phone pinged again, but he was too nervous to look. He was too busy thinking about cold showers, and mathematics, and Anne Widdecombe. It wasn’t until later in the day that he opened her follow up text and read the words, Ain’t payback a bitch?

17 thoughts on “Dirty Picture

  1. Lmao. Loved this. Payback is definitely a bitch. Oh, and I had to look up Anne Widdecombe, in order to see why he would have to focus on her. Too funny.

    Liked by 1 person

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