Digital Dominator

Slide into my psyche with your sweet, sugared words. Tell me what you want, through teasing talk and tempting tales. Make me ache, and pulse, and throb, and moan, as you torture me with the images you plant in my mind. Images of heaving breasts, of glistening cocks and trembling thighs. Images of writhing bodies, balls engorged, and furtive fapping. Weave together a perfect tapestry of sex and lust and send it through the ether. Instructions to my digits, my shaking hands, my quivering lips.

Dictate to me now, Dominator, how to touch myself for you,

Picture me lying here on my own, yet being touched by you.

Give me directions, what to pinch, and where to stroke, lightly, or harder? Tell me, what would bring you pleasure? How would you do it, if you were here with me? Describe to me in detail the things that you would do, the things that make your breath hitch in your throat. The thoughts that make you hot, and hard, horny, and happy. That make liquid bead at your moistened tip….

Shall I slide inside me now, and imagine that it’s you?

Picture me lying here on my own, yet being fucked by you.

Tell me I may move now, may plunge, may slick, may rub. May suck on my fingers, and spank myself, and open myself up wide, wide, wider, desperate for more. Dictate to me, Digital Dominator, the pace, the tempo, the rhythm as I near the cliff edge, and prepare to dive headlong into the blissful abyss. Will you let yourself fall, too, and meet me there, somewhere, in a fantastical world made of ones and zeroes? Where cyber meets sex, and language is the one god. Where dream and reality meet, and merge, then move apart.

It’s time now. Please don’t make me wait. All I need is permission from you,

And I’ll shortly be lying here all alone, but cumming hard for you.

37 thoughts on “Digital Dominator

  1. Your imagery was so enticing that I fumbled over the link to my digital instruction manual so long that it expunged itself all over my computer . Oh dear. Back to making it up as I go.

    Liked by 1 person

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