Love is Blind

There’s a pain in my stomach,

A knot that won’t untie.

It twists, it pulls and it binds,

And it ravages my insides.

Why can’t I stop thinking about you?

About how much you hurt me.

There is no sense in any of this,

As far as I can see.

It was so very long ago,

But the agony still grips.

At random moments it arises,

And through my memory it flits.

A scent, a song, a summer’s day

And I’m right back there again.

The day I told you I loved you,

And all you gave back was pain.

I offered you my heart

But you handed it straight back,

Torn and bloodied in my palms,

So damaged it turned black.

You didn’t feel the same, you claimed,

But only days before,

When you had grabbed and kissed me,

You’d said you wanted more.

But that was just a wicked lie,

To lure me into bed.

When I’d given what you wanted,

“Let’s just be friends”, you said.

Funny then, how within a week

You were back between my legs.

I know I should’ve said no,

But was flattered that you’d begged.

Even so, it wasn’t long

‘Til again you changed your mind.

Next time, I’ll not be foolish but,

They do say love is blind.

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