A Wimbledon Summer Dream

Strawberry dream,

Succulent, sweet and sticky.

The sensation of seeds against my tongue.


Luscious, delicious,

Full, fat, flavoursome.

A heady rush to the senses.


Cream on my lips,

Sugary, smooth, supple

The milky kiss of summer seasons.


Strawberries and cream,

Like a Wimbledon Summer dream,

That sweeps and soars behind somnolent eyes.


Birds, bees and blooms,

Like the brightest baby blues,

Or greens, browns, or greys of your sweet, strawberry dream.


May your own dreams be strawberry summer dreams,

Sweet, succulent, and very, very sticky

29 thoughts on “A Wimbledon Summer Dream

      1. No Skype, I’m afraid. As my blog bio says, I am a mystery, and like Sia I don’t show my face online. But if you’re on Twitter, I’m at @GrantJupiter, and I can be reached there.


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