Every Damn Day in June – 05/06/19

I don’t mind a challenge, and I like the idea of writing and publishing something everyday. But, between work, posting on the blog, catching up on other people’s posts, keeping up-to-date on twitter, going through my emails and notifications, and making space for some sexy times, the days and nights are full. It is a balancing act we are all familiar with!

How then will I engage with the Every Damn Day in June meme, (https://adissolutelifemeans.com/) Where to find time? What to write about? What photos to take? I haven’t thought that far ahead yet! But I’m looking forward to the journey, and have resolved not to beat myself up too much if I drop the ball once or twice.

I hope you don’t get tired and over-saturated (oo-err missus! 😉) with my Every Damn Day in June posts! I know I am looking forward to reading everyone else’s EDDiJ posts this month.


JG 🌺

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