Basking in my new basque….

There’s a new addition to the crew on my sexy underwear odyssey. Please welcome the “Boudoir Belle Cherry Push-up Basque Set”.

While it doesn’t quite fit the prompt of ‘comfort’, it does make me feel glamorous, and that in turn makes me feel another tad more comfortable in my own skin. And that is a kind of comfort I haven’t felt in ages, if ever.

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21 thoughts on “Basking in my new basque….

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you. Very few people have ever thought so, and I haven’t had very good self-esteem over the years. So I am so flattered and grateful for your lovely and encouraging comments. Thank you so much πŸ’–

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  1. Wowee! Blimey, what a treat as I sip my first coffee of the day! All the pictures are gorgeous, but there is something about that second image that I just love. I think perhaps its the hair falling over your boobs that does it. Fabulous shots x

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      1. I do tend to fetishize stilettos and sexy boots, but I haven’t worn heels in such a long time, I can’t walk in them anymore. But for sexy times around the house, I’m tempted to get a pair just for fun!

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      2. Sadly I am getting to the point where lower or no heels is a good idea, but I feel so ‘Sasha Fierce’ when I wear them! Do that! for your own satisfaction!

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