Lifespan of a Love Affair (as told through Haiku)

A glance and a smile,

From across a crowded room.

Could this be the one?

She called me a whore,

But I didn’t steal her man.

He was never hers.

I feel so naked

when you look into my eyes.

My soul is laid bare.

You make your demands.

I’ve tried my best to obey.

But enough’s enough.

A fleeting romance,

A kiss beneath the heavens.

A painful ending.



1. “Lovers Attraction” by Carmen Tyrell

2. “Jealousy” by Anna PS

3. “Sunset on the Beach” by Vlad Tixon

4. “Loving Couple” by Harry Weisburd

5. “Separation- Digital Remastered Version” by Edvard Munch

(Click on the pictures to visit the source websites)

6 thoughts on “Lifespan of a Love Affair (as told through Haiku)

  1. Nicely done. I think you managed to capture the tale wonderfully. The artwork chosen worked well too to complete the overall experience.

    There is a form of Japanese poetry called “Choka” or “long poem”, it is the bundling of haiku (5/7/5) or katuata (5/7/7) and it can go in indefinitely. That is similar to what you’ve done here. The only difference is… with a traditional choka… you end it with 2 extra lines of 7 syllables each.

    Sorry for the lesson in poetic forms, but your poem brought that to mind. Lol

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      1. You’re welcome. Lately I find myself often favoring shorter forms like haiku, katuata and Naani, because of the challenge they present… saying much with so little words.

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      2. I really need to learn the proper artform of poetry and all the different styles. I’m afraid I’m not at all clued up, so I end up free-forming all over the shop, lol! But

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