Twist and Shout- Nipple Suckers

As you may have guessed from a few of my blogposts, I’m rather a fan of nipple play. Because you can never have enough toys, I recently purchased these DOMINIX nipple suckers:

They are really simple to use; simply fit over the nipple then twist the dial on the top. It draws the nipple up into the tube with a deliciously arousing suction.

They look like little Daleks attached to your boobs, lol, but they feel so nice on. Not painful like clamps, just taut and sensitive.

The theory behind nipple suckers, clamps, nipple, clit and pussy pumps etc, is it to draw the blood nearer to the surface and cause it to engorge:

This in turn makes the area super sensitive once the sucker, clamp or pump is removed.

At which point, the nipple /clit/ labia become even more receptive to stimulation of all kinds….

In these photos, it’s a 5-row Wartenberg Wheel, but you can use anything; a thumb, a tongue, a feather tickler, or a flogger. It will feel so much more intense!

If you, too, are into nipple play but are not quite ready to launch into clamps, nipple suckers are a terrific introduction. These DOMINIX Nipple suckers do have a strong suction, though, and they don’t feature a quick release valve, so they may not be the best first-stop on your nipple-tastic journey.

However, you can get basic silicone nipple suckers from most purveyors of sex toys. They’re cheap and cheerful, and are very easy to use: simply add a bit of lube to the rims of the suckers, compress the bulbous tip (oo-err missus!), fit the opening over the nipple, and release. Keep squeezing the bulb to increase the sucking sensation. After 5 or 10 minutes, you’ll find the nipples are engorged and ripe for some further stimulation.

And the extra added bonus; nipple suckers (like nipple clamps) can be used on female and male nipples to equal effect, so you can both/all enjoy the delights of nipple play together!

Happy nipple-sucking, my twisted sisters (and brothers!) xx πŸ’‹

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P.S. I’m not affiliated with Dominix or any of their stockists, and this post is not intended as an advertisement x

20 thoughts on “Twist and Shout- Nipple Suckers

  1. Nipple play is something that has been off limits for us for a bit post children. But we are exploring them again and these do look interesting. That’s a mean looking wartenberg wheel btw, i love it.

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    1. I got some about a year after I had my nipple piercings and while some mild play is OK, the suction can be so intense that I have saved them for other body parts (one to use and one as spare)πŸ˜‰

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  2. That looked like a lot of fun! I think, like PurpleSole that this was an area I left alone after having children, but I am enjoying more again now. My toy cupboard is woefully empty…maybe its time for a little more experimentation…

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