With Age Comes Wisdom

With age comes wisdom, that is what they say,

And I see truth in that statement every single day.

Though I do not claim to be wise and all-knowing,

I can certainly assert that I’ve been, and am, growing.

When younger I was timid, frightened, and meek,

I felt like an outcast, a weirdo, a freak.

I was scared of my shadow, I hated myself.

My poor self-esteem destroyed my state of mental health.

I struggled to get through to the end of each week,

I could not ever find the ‘inner peace’ we all seek.

But as I’ve gotten older, the passing of the years

Seems to be tempering a lot of my fears.

Life is too short, too fragile to be wasted,

And before I depart, I’d like to know that I’ve tasted

my fill. It’s true that my body is aging,

It aches and it struggles, and often has me raging,

“I wish I was younger, and thinner, and stronger”

But I’m trying not to think like that any longer.

My body has seen me through disease and ill health,

It’s my vehicle through this life, a home for my Self.

It may not be perfect in everyone’s eyes,

(I’ve a wobbly belly, and enormous thighs)

But it’s mine. And I’m still going, though at times life’s been rough.

And with age I’ve now the wisdom to say “I am Enough”.

Prompted by The Erotic Journal Challenge #20: “Aging”


5 thoughts on “With Age Comes Wisdom

  1. Oh, I love this Jupiter! The last line especially. But isn’t that really how many of us feel? As we age we grow to accept and love ourselves in a way that we didn’t when we were younger. It’s a lovely feeling really. And this poem captures it!

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    1. Thanks Brigit. Yes, I think so- I’m certainly far less hung-up than I was when I was younger. I don’t really think it was until my late 30’s, or possibly after I hit 40, that I started to think “fuck it, who am I living for? Other people, many of whom either don’t know me or don’t give a shit about me, or myself


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