The Person Inside

She looked at herself, critically, in the mirror’s reflection. Her skin was sagging, her thighs were large, her breasts hung low and rested, droopy, on her rotund belly.

“I hate this body,” she said, her voice filled with anger and loathing. “It has always been a disappointment to me.”

She pulled at her skin, petulantly, pinching handfuls of cellulite and stretch marks.

Her lover walked up behind her, joining her in the glass image reflecting their two bodies. The lover ran soothing hands over her entire frame.

“Well, I love this body,” said the lover, caressing her gently and tenderly. “Because you are in it.

Dedicated to anyone and everyone who feels bad about their body. No matter our shape/size/height/weight/gender/sexuality/age/disabilities, etc we all deserve to be loved, for our selves not just our external appearance.

Artwork by Crystal Bazelle

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