Ten Stops To Go


I ride the Tube to your station, swaying to and fro in my seat.

The screech of metal on metal,

the thundering hooves of my underground steed.



I picture your face, and remember your smile.

Will your eyes light up like they always used to?

The world was always illuminated when you laughed.



I wonder how you’ll kiss me when I arrive.

Will it be chaste and timid, or hard and rough?

Will you embrace me like an old friend,

or will you pull me into your arms and drag me to your bed?



I imagine your body pressed against mine,

Blood coursing through your veins,

Corpuscles aflame, generating heat and fire and sweat…



I shift in my seat;

The motion of the carriage is turning me on,

The memories of you are making me wet.

My fellow passengers must see my heaving chest,

Am I so transparent, so obvious?



It’s been such a long time.

My longing has swallowed me whole.

I ache for the touch of your hands on my breasts.

Have you been aching for me, too?



Almost there! My palms start to sweat,

My legs start to shake, my heart starts to pound.

What will we say, what will we talk about?

Will we be awkward and shy, or just pick up where we left off?



Is this a mistake? Should we just leave the past where it is?

If we open this can of worms, are we opening old wounds?

It took a long time to get over you.



Am I really going to do this? The time is running out for me to change my mind.

I want you, need you, I’m desperate to see you,

I’ve never forgotten how good we are together.



No turning back now.

I’ve made it this far,

I’m in too deep now.

I can’t turn around.


I alight at your station, take the lift to the surface,

Swipe out at the barriers, and make for the exit.

Where there you are standing,

Smiling, and waving

Waiting for me,

and it’s like I never left. 🌷

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