I want to kiss your mouth roughly, and steal your air,

To suck on your tongue ’til it’s sore.

I want to tie you, face-down, with my silk and lace stockings,

And hear your breath catch in your throat.

I want to run my fingers down the skin of your back,

Leaving deep red channels with my long fingernails.

I want to tease you and taunt you, and ravish your senses,

To make you call my name out loud.

I want to run my crop slowly between your legs,

And see you raise your hips up in a desperate plea.

I want to smack your bottom, red and raw,

To feel your flesh quiver and ripple.

I want you to suffer, then suffer some more,

And then I’ll release you, and hold you, and mend you.

🌹 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

All these things that I want are not meant to hurt you,

But intended for your pleasure, your joy, your bliss.

You are my precious treasure, my jewel, my true love

Let me cover your wounds with a tender kiss. 💋

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