Monday Morning Delirium

“I want to watch you masturbate,” he whispered into my ear, his warm lips glancing against the lobe before teasing it with his tongue and nipping sensuously with his teeth.

My nipples hardened immediately, and I could feel the hot blush rise in my cheeks. He pressed a kiss to the tip of my nose, before taking a couple of steps back and perching on the end of the mattress.

“Pull down your panties,” he directed, with a playful, cheeky smile. “Slowly.”

(I always used to hate “the P-word”, that is until I first heard him say it. He confines his use of the term to the bedroom, where it has become a sexy part of his ‘dirty-talk’ vocabulary: the rest of the time they are just my “pants” or “knickers”.)

I hooked my thumbs into the elastic waistband of my simple white cotton briefs and lowered them unhurriedly while he watched with anticipation, occasionally murmuring words of encouragement; “yes”, “that’s lovely”, “good girl”.

Hearing his praise made my pussy clench, and elicited a heavy throb from deep inside my belly. I stood there, naked from the waist down, awaiting his further instruction.

“Now sit there on the dresser,” he commanded, nodding towards the solid Canadian maple chest of drawers opposite our bed, “and open your legs wide.”

I brushed the detritus of everyday life to one side – hairpins, earrings, a phone charger- and hoisted myself onto the cool surface, spreading my thighs as far apart as I could and exposing myself to my lover’s hungry gaze. The crisp morning air felt delicious on my dampening flesh, and I began to remove my thin cotton vest, eager to feel that same heady sensation on bare nipples.

“No!” came his quick response. “Leave that on. But it pull down a bit on one side, and take out your breast.”

With a silent nod, I obeyed, slipping the strap over my left shoulder and down; not all the way off, but just low enough to pop one fleshy orb over the loose neckline. With slow, feathery strokes, I caressed my puckering nipple with my left hand, and felt the liquid arousal begin to seep from my cunt.

“Yes,” he murmured, appreciatively. “You’re getting wet. I can see it… So beautiful….”

I pinched at my nipple, spurred on by his coaxing voice, and brought my other hand up to the inside of my thigh. I was ready, and so keen to perform for him, but I stayed myself for now, waiting for his permission before proceeding.

He smiled, approvingly, and nodded.

“Hmm, what a good girl you are…. You can touch yourself now, darling. But slowly, mind. And you mustn’t make yourself come just yet.”

I brushed my fingers gently over my mound, pulling lightly at my pubic hair. His eyes fixed between my legs, he stood up for a brief moment to pull down his boxers, stepping out of them and kicking them off with a flourish. I watched them land near our closed bedroom door; shut against the approaching day, blocking out the world, keeping us hidden away in our private sanctuary. Soon the full light of morning would be here to drag us back into the daily grind, but for now it was just us. Me and him alone. Together.

He sat back down on the bed, gloriously nude, and palmed his erection lazily as I continued to stroke myself. I ran steady fingers up and down my labia; the lips felt full and pouty, engorged with hot blood. I sighed blissfully, and pinched my nipple again.

“Yes, pull it… That’s right…. Make it hard….”

With each honeyed word of his praise, I got more and more turned on. While I teased and tortured my nipple with my left hand, I used my right to coax open the humid slit between my legs and slicked a finger with my own wetness.

“Beautiful,” he murmured. “You look so beautiful.”

He cupped his hand to his mouth and spat a little into his palm, then rubbed it over the head of his cock, collecting the dewy pearls of fluid that had started to bead at the tip. He ran his hand ran up and down the length of his shaft, a familiar twist of his wrist when he neared the glans, his grip firmer now, but still slow and languid. He wasn’t in any rush to come, it seemed, but instead was savouring the sight of me and my naughty display.

I let a second finger work its way into my pussy, and wriggled my hips rhythmically, my bottom squirming as I angled myself to reach further inside and rub the fleshy protuberance of my g-spot.

“Careful there,” he warned, sternly. “I haven’t said you can come yet….”

I whined a little and bit into my lip.

“I know. I won’t,” I assured him in a low, pleading voice.

“Yes you will, you naughty girl,” he quietly chuckled. “We both know this is how it starts. You’ll be grinding on your hand soon, then before you know it you’ll be squirting into your palm.”

I groaned. I loved it when he talked dirty like this, but it made it harder to resist the temptation to just finish myself off there and then.

“Oh please, babe…. Just a little bit. I won’t rub it yet, I promise.”

He pondered my request, then replied, “Alright, you can finger yourself, a little bit, but don’t you dare touch that juicy clit of yours until. I. say. so.

I nodded my acquiescence and, with shallower thrusts now, continued to slide two digits in and out of my drooling cunt. He watched avidly, policing my strokes, making sure I didn’t cheat and graze my heel of my hand over my swollen clitoris.

I arched my back, and plucked again feverishly at my rock-hard nipple, moaning. I couldn’t get enough; I writhed, desperate, in front of him, my eyes closed and mouth gaping. I panted, and made little mewling noises in the back of my throat.

“Poor baby,” he whispered, and I heard him rise off the bed and approach me. “You’re so horny, aren’t you?”

I opened my eyes. His face was millimetres from mine, his eyes heavy with arousal.


“You’re so ready to come now, aren’t you angel?”

“God, yes….”

He took hold of my left wrist and snatched my hand away from my breast. He lowered his head and took my bereft nipple into his mouth. I whimpered, and grasped the back of his head, gripping his hair and holding his face hard against me. He, however, grabbed the hand firmly, and pinned it down by at my side. He wasn’t going to let me touch him. Cruel….

Biting down hard on my rosy red pebble, he tortured my nipple. He pulled it viciously between his teeth, rolled it sensuously between a finger and thumb, and lapped at it with long, wet lashes of his tongue.

I howled, and gave a strangled cry.

“Sshhhh, hush now,” he cautioned. “We don’t want you waking the whole household, do we?”

I couldn’t form any words.

“Hnnfff,” I babbled mindlessly. He laughed, throatily, and rummaged at something, unseen, just by the dresser. I had no idea what he was up to; all I knew was the all-consuming desire for him, the needful lust for his thrusting member, the pining for sweet release.

“Here, let’s make sure you don’t make too much of a ruckus…”

He wielded one of his silk neckties in his hands, and wrapped it around my mouth and jaw.

“Bite down on it, that’s a good girl.”

I groaned through clenched teeth and a mouthful of silken material. Pleased with his makeshift gag, he returned his attention to my breast, sucking hard, almost painfully on the solid nub. Waves of pleasure washed over me as he devoured me hungrily with his lustful mouth.

I whimpered once more, and started thrusting my fingers deeper into my throbbing cunt. Feeling me disobeying his command, he snatched my hand roughly away from my desperate quim, and pinned it down with his own.

“Naughty girl,” he growled. “You’re trying to make yourself come, aren’t you?”

He pressed his forehead to mine and kissed the bridge of my nose. My eyes open wide and staring, pleadingly into his own, I nodded.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he breathed against my mouth. “And you’ll enjoy it. But you’re still not going to come, understand?”

“Hnn…” nodded my assent, and he smiled warmly. He cupped my bottom in his hands and slid my hips closer to his groin, before sliding himself inside me with a breathy groan. He thrust slow and deep, but not so deeply that his pubic bone could brush against my clitoris. It was twitching and pulsating, craving the merest trace of pressure on the delicate bud, but he made sure to deny me that relief.

He grunted, and his chest rumbled with the vibration. With a languid rhythm, he plunged himself in and out, and each time I felt him graze against my g-spot. I watched his face as he fucked me; his eyes were on fire and he was holding his lower lip between clenched teeth. I bit into the necktie urgently and yelped, and he dug his fingers tight and firm into the flesh of my arse.

“You love this, don’t you, dirty girl?…Fucking like this….?”


He sped up his thrusts, now faster and more shallow, and I could feel the head of his cock rubbing steadily against my inner walls. I tried to push my hips further into his thrusts, but he held me firmly at length, controlling my movements and maintaining his full control over my pleasure.

I made a howling noise in the back of my throat. I needed to come. My whole body was screaming.

“Oh, sweet baby,” he murmured in my ear, “yes….yes… I know…”

Teasing me, he sucked on my earlobe and breathed heavily against my hair.

“You want to come, don’t you?”

I gave another high-pitched wail deep in my throat, and nodded briskly, urgently.

“You need to come….” he said it slowly, languidly, drawing out the “need” into a long gravelly purr. Again I groaned my yes behind the gag of his tie, which was now soaked with my saliva.

He increased his tempo and started fucking me in hard, fast, beats. The crescendo was building, and I threw my head back in ecstasy. Finally, with a deep rumbling growl, he commanded, “Touch yourself now, baby. Rub your clit….”

I obeyed without a moment’s pause and, drawing my hand down between our sweating bodies, I turned broad and heavy circles over my engorged clitoris, feeling the wet flesh soaking my fingers. I was delirious with maddening desire; I wanted him so much, every inch of him. Not just his hard, pulsing cock, but his whole being. I wanted to devour him, draw him deep, to feel his entire self merged with mine. I arched my back, and felt his mouth on my bare breast, while all the time I howled and keened in strangled, suffocated cries.

“Ohhh, yes, I love you baby,” he moaned. “I love your pretty little pussy. Come for me now. Come for me, angel….”

The orgasm tore through me in wracking, violent tremors. My whole body shook, my thighs quivered as their tight muscles stretched and contracted like violin strings.

“Yes, darling…..sweet, pretty pussy…..” he purred praises in my ear, dripping words like warm honey while I continued to writhe and wriggle in ecstatic abandon. “Pretty, pretty, pussy…..”

He squeezed his fingers tighter into my flesh and bucked wildly, fucking hard and fast, grunting and moaning.

“Oh, fuck…fuck, yes…oh good girl, good girl. Oh, oh, oh, Daddy loves you,” he panted urgently. “Daddy loves his sweet baby…..”

With a final thrust and an anguished cry, he buried his dick deep inside me and emptied his hot, pulsing come. I grabbed his backside and held him hard against me, grinding myself against him and moaning through another shimmering, shuddering climax. The two of us held onto each other tightly, blindly riding wave after devastating wave of pure bliss, and as the earthquake tremors subsided we both started to giggle.

He carefully loosened the tie around my mouth, and kissed me warmly, tenderly, adoringly.

“Daddy, huh?” I chuckled, as he guided my hand to his mouth and licked my wet fingers.

“Too much?”, he questioned, with a raised eyebrow and questioning look. “Too weird?”

I pondered for a moment.

“Actually, I found it really hot,” I replied, and nuzzled my face in his wildly toused and sweat-dampened hair.

“I find you really fucking hot,” he murmured, and cradling my buttocks in his big warm hands, he carried me over the bed and lay me down gently on our crumpled sheets. Running his hand softly over my hair as though he were stroking a beloved pet, he rummaged by the bedside drawer for some wet-wipes. With slow, feathery touches, he wiped my inner thighs; my bottom; my flooding cunt, oozing out our co-mingled sexual fluids in a slow, molten stream. He sprinkled my body with soft, adoring kisses while I lay in a satiated stupor with a satisfied smile plastered on my face.

“So beautiful,” he whispered against my mouth before kissing me gently and stroking my cheek tenderly. The sound of the alarm on his phone broke the blissful reverie, and I groaned.

“Urgh, 7am? Noooooo, I’m too sleepy now …”

With a parting kiss he rose from the bed and swiped his thumb over his phone to dismiss the alarm. Heading towards the bathroom, he looked back at me, smiled, and said, “You stay there in bed, angel. I’ll grab a quick shower and put on some coffee, and then ‘Daddy’ will take care of the school run today.”

Masturbation Monday

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  1. Oh this was gloriously written! I loved the little details to draw you into the story (the detritus on the dresser, the white cotton panties, etc.) – it really helped to create the scene for me and let me settle into watching them at play. Yummy!

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